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Gauntlet is a OSRS based server but with a twist! 'We try to provide the highest quality possible as a private server. We are found in 2021 and we will aim for the top. The staff team works around the clock to make everything go as good as possible. Hopefully we will see you online!

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Welcome to the official page of Gauntlet!

We are Gauntlet... A unique osrs server with alot to offer, releasing beta very soon.. Looking for people to join the community towards release. A new server has arrived, Gauntlet is full OSRS with a touch, making it a adventure and a pleasure to play! We are almost launching our open beta, and plan to release early april.. Join us now! BRAND NEW SERVER. Beta testers will get a insane starter package on release! This server is still under development, we will update this thread on a common base to stay up to date with the game! Stuff we are working on now: Theatre of blood New upgrade system New item and npc models Collection log A new minigame ( cant say much about it yet) Ariel hunter New teleport interface Perk system Battle pass system And much more................... BE AWARE WE ARE GOING IN BETA. THIS IS NOT THE RELEASE PRODUCT. Every active beta tester will recieve a starter package on release, a huge headstart to the competitions we are going to host! Competitions will be announced later....

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