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  2. The brand new Drop rate bonus system! We have completely reworked our drop rate bonus system since our current one was a bit of a mess and confusing. It has been configured and applied to all drop tables, modes, rev caves skulling(15%), items and donator ranks! To check your current drop rate %, look in your quest tab! So item wise we added some bonus drop rate when wearing the following items: - Golden Flippers, they have a additional 2.5% bonus drop rate applied upon wielding. - Fused Halo, they have a additional 1.5% bonus drop rate applied upon wielding. - Ring of Wealth (i), it has a additional 3% bonus drop rate applied upon wielding. Not only we added drop rate bonus to items, we are also happy to introduce two new pets into the game! - Lucky Leprechaun, this pet has a 7.5% bonus drop rate when following you. (Cost: 10000 shards. The shards are obtainable by using our new sacrificing system.) - Golden Leprechaun, this pet has a 15% bonus drop rate when following you. (Obtainable in the upgrade table, with a 10% chance, you can upgrade your lucky Leprechaun into a Golden one.) Necromancer boss changes. Necromancer has received some changes drop table wise. As we noticed necromancer was a pretty do-able boss in medium tier gear, while it dropped armour and weapons that were stronger then raids armour and items. What we have done is we have deleted Necromancer set, Corrupted Javelin and Corrupted Staff from the drop table. Both Corrupted Staff and Javelin have received some buffs, like the venom effect. The necromancer set has received a big buff, and is currently the best in slot magic armour. We have replaced it with a Necromancer silk, which you will need to get the items now, To create the robe set and weaponry, you will need to head towards the upgrade table. Under here i will explain the new additions to the upgrade table regarding the old Necromancer Boss drops: Necromancer hat. (Obtainable in the upgrade table, with a 50% chance, you can upgrade your ancestral hat + necromancer silk into a necromancer hat.) Necromancer robe top. (Obtainable in the upgrade table, with a 50% chance, you can upgrade your ancestral top + necromancer silk into a necromancer top.) Necromancer robe bottoms. (Obtainable in the upgrade table, with a 50% chance, you can upgrade your ancestral robe bottoms + necromancer silk into a necromancer robe bottoms.) Corrupted Javelin. (Obtainable in the upgrade table, with a 25% chance, you can upgrade your blowpipe + necromancer silk into a corrupted javelin.) Corrupted Staff. (Obtainable in the upgrade table, with a 25% chance, you can upgrade your toxic trident + necromancer silk into a corrupted staff.) Other fixes/changes: Changed all pvp armour and weapon charges from 60k to 8k charges. (reason why is that it took people 15 days of playtime to use 10k charges, it was set way too high) Cape of skulls now require 5 pk keys instead of 25, simply because it was set way too high. Draco set buff against dragons has been doubled, as it was a bit useless at the moment, doubling the damage and accuracy will make it compete with end game items. Bloodline shard droprates have been reduced since they were way too rare. Super mystery box has been reworked, not only got the chances reworked, i also removed all bs items and kept like 2-3 of them, I also added a new variety of items to it that are worth the box price. Added more coin rewards, buffed the rune item amounts and added blood money to larrans chest. Not only that, i also changed the rates on the table so you dont always get mantarays. Spinach roll will no longer examine when trying to eat it. All zenyte (or) jewelry is now tradeable. Changed dynamic region item dissapearing from ground to 15 minutes instead of 2 minutes. Added access to the Paterdomus temple dungeon (quest) to enter Morytania. Added god staves, ghostly robes and climbing boots to ironman shop. Removed hobgoblin spawns in dz as they had no purpose. Added runecrating altar teleports to all talismans, right click locate to teleport to the specific altar location. Added the mystery crate, gives 3 random mystery box rewards. Added promotion crate, gives 3x rolls on mbox and super mbox table, pvp mbox, mystery crate and legendary pet box. Boss respawn timer for thermonuclear smoke devil fixed. Boss respawn timer for all dagannoth kings are fixed. Adjusted the item protect value for all the imbued god rings and upgraded rings. Dragon hunter crossbow now has a correct item protection value. Brutal lava dragon now drops 100-200 black chins instead of only 1. Vet'ion reborn now counts as a undead npc. You can now wear Demon feet. Super extended antifire potions are now tradeable. Revenant imp now counts towards your revenant slayer task. You can now use Brine sabre to cut the web in wilderness. Dragon pickaxe is now tradeable. You can now wear monk robes (t). You can now acces draynor sewers. Abby demon spawns added to the abyss. Kalphite cave teleport added to dungeon teleports. You can now attack the cow calfs in lumbridge sheep field. The stile in the lumbridge sheep field now works. You can now open Oyster pearls. You can now open caskets for cash rewards. You can now use the pipe in barbarian agility. You can now use the pipe in karuulm dungeon. Corrupted essence now has a 1:10 charge ratio instead of a 1:1 ratio. You can now craft oyster bolt tips from Oyster pearls. Magic shortbow (i) has been buffed. All d'hide shields are now equipable and have the correct stats. Magic dart spell now works on kurask's and turoths. Elf warriors have been added to Lletya. Corrupted staff and Javelin now have the venom effect. Dragonfire shield no longer dismantles on death. Ancient wyvern shield no longer dismantles on death. Added Lighting Candles. Added Adding poison to weapons. Altered Shops to instantly replace stock. Added Change Password Command. Added Hydra Boss to count towards Hydra Task. Tome Of Fire Does not come before any staff that has Fire Runes. Looting bag stacking Noted items instead of telling the user the bag is full. Opened Farming Guild, (WIP). Fixed Zulrah just Stunning on melee phase, Fixed Slayer Staff Auto casting Booklet. Fixed Gargoyle's not counting towards Gargoyle task at slayer tower. Added Slayer Helm (i) % bonus to interface. Added Noted Rannars to Vet'ion. Added Salve Amulet Increases to equipment interface. Demonic Gorillas No longer losing drops to pools of water. Basilocked Slayer Reward Unlock can now be purchased. First Time Slayer Achievement now completes Correctly. Made Bestiary reflect true Drop rate % increase upto 100% drop rate bonus! Added Crystal keys / halfs to more drop tables. Imbued, Combatant and Rangers hearts now have a 5 minute cooldown instead of 7. Overload heart now has a 2 minute cooldown timer. Combatant heart stat boost slightly nerfed. Added Cursed vesta's longsword special attack. Added its special attack description. Cursed vesta's longsword special attack will ignore 85% of your targets defence and do 25% increased damage. Added Creation claws special attack. Altered its special attack description. Creation claws special attack has increased accuracy and damage. Enhanced Crystal key chest when using a key will now give 2 individual roles, Meaning 1 roll could hit the rare table and the other common for example. Changed for the Regular and Elven chest when you loot the chest it will add or drop meaning if your inventory is full, the items will drop to the floor. Increased the chance of hitting the different tables on the Regular Crystal chest. Released a new client, You can get this by relaunching the launcher and it will download automatically. Trading post fixes There was an issue with if there was only 1 item in the trading post and you searched for it, it wouldn't show in the results, this has now been fixed. Trading post offers will now go onto the pages in order of when they was put up, if you click the order buttons at the top, it will handle this correctly now. Fixed the issue being able to drop inside of tourney, no more cheating. Removed titles from make-over Mage, due to causing account corruptions. New system will arrive soon!
  3. The brand new item sinking system! The gauntlet gods have started to accept sacrifices from the mortals of this realm on the brand new sacrificial altar, north east of home! Appeasing the gods will favour the player with brand new "Gauntlet Shards". These can in return be used in the special Gauntlet Shard Shop (Accessible by right clicking the altar), as well as brand new item upgrades inside of the upgrade table! Gauntlet Shard Store This shop includes the following items: - Bones to Dragonfruit tabs. These can be used to convert bones to dragonfruits, which heal 12 hitpoints each (4 more than peaches) - Blood shard. As an alternative way to obtain them next to blood money. - Bound Looting Bag. Works the same way as a regular looting bag, except it cannot be lost upon death. - Skin recolours. Cosmetic overhaul for your character. - Crystal Tool Seed. Used to create the crystal pickaxe and axe. - Granite Clamp. Used to create granite maul (or) > Future updates will include more items to this shop! For a full list of sinkable items check out this topic here: Upgrade Table Expansion The upgrade table has seen a vast increasement in items obtainable inside of the table, as well as a few recipe changes to existing items. Brand new items: - Zamorak Godsword (or) This weapons special attacks freezes the opponent for 30 seconds! (55% special attack cost) - Bandos Godsword (or) > This special attack now only costs 40% to use. - Saradomin Godsword (or) > This special attack now heals double the amount of hitpoints & prayer of a regular SGS. All Ornament godswords have increased stats over the regular godswords as well! - Amulet of torture (or) > Has increased stats over the regular Amulet of Torture. - Necklace of Anguish (or) > Has increased stats over the regular Necklace of Anguish. - Tormented Bracelet (or) > Has increased stats over the regular Tormented Bracelet. - Occult necklace (or) > Has increased stats over the regular Occult Necklace - Combatant heart > Works like an imbued heart, but for melee stats. - Rangers' heart > Works like an imbued heart, but for the ranged stat. - Eternal boots (or) > Has increased stats over the regular Eternal boots. - Pegasian boots (or) > Has increased stats over the regular Pegasian boots. - Dragon defender (t) > Has increased stats over a regular dragon defender, but still below the (future) avernic defender. - Brimstone Ring (i) > A new BIS tribrid ring that gives exceptional stats above all else. - Blessing of the gods (all blessings are now obtainable from medium+ clue caskets!) > An exceptional blessing with extroadinary stats to boast! (Equipped in a player's arrow slot) Changes to the upgrade table: - The overload heart recipe now requires an imbued heart, a combatant heart and a ranger's heart to be attempted. - Lava d'hide armour has been added to the upgrade table. Pieces now require less hides to be created, but require an additional armadyl armour piece to do so. - AGS (or) and cursed VLS have been moved to the "weapons" tab. > Cursed vesta's longswords recipe has been changed to 2x vesta's longswords and 2500 gauntlet shards (originally 5x vls). Crystal Keys & Enhanced Crystal Keys The droptable for both these chests have seen some significant changes. They now give a far wider pool of rewards, including increased amounts of skilling supplies and more. On top of that some brand new items were added to the enhanced crystal keys! > Players can now receive armour seeds from enhanced crystal keys. These can be used at the singing bowl to create crystal armour. > Players can now receive enhanced weapon seeds from enhanced crystal keys! This item can be used to create the Blade of Saeldor & Bow of Faerdhinen! These items, unlike their OSRS counterparts, will NOT use charges to be used! However, shards are still required to create the items! Additionally, both keys can also give dragonstone armour, a cosmetic rare armour with decent stats! Other changes & game fixes > Chambers of xeric fixes Vasa: No longer Teleporting out of bounds. No longer safe spottable. Slowed down the rocks. Altered the damage of attacks, Guardians: Can be damaged now. Can also damage back even through prayer, Skeletal Mystics: Now has a decent amount of agro range to be aggressive inside the raid Added Raid potions to Scavengers: Add potions to drop rate for scavengers making it so you obtain them without farming/brewing. Altered the points for Scavengers: Lowered points on scavengers to compensate for giving pots inside the raid Muttadile + Large Muttadile: Lowered the damage of both massively Tight Rope: Corrected points being given Tekton: Stopped him from returning to the anvil every second & it will agro for more of a fight. Olm: Made olm more aggressive, Corrected casting when inside the room, Altered falling rocks so it doesn't last the entire raid, Corrected head moment when targeting a player, Adjusted his flame wall to actually lock you inside until you douse a fire to escape Other fixes/changes: - Fixed being able to special whilst auto casting - Corrected the spell casting for weapons that where supposed to auto cast - Fixed issues with NPC's not dying whilst on a Slayer task - found there was 1 to many calls for NPC's death which was causing all the issues with the Slayer monster that also transformed - Master wand > Added the master wand to the correct spell books for Normal and Ancient auto casting - Hiscores > Made hiscores work inside the rune client, needs fine tuning due to right click lookup, but works for every single player in the game, as long as they have logged in and logged out to obtain there stats on the hiscore plugin. - Pest control > Fixed npc's not despawning upon complete or fail or Pest Control - Buy and sell amounts in shops changed > Changed the buy and sell inside the shops from 1,5,10,50 to 1,10,50,500 for sell and 1,10,50,5000 for buying - Blessings added to Clues - Spiked Manacles added to medium clues - Climbing boots (g) added to medium clues - Added Tortured Gorillas to Demon NPC definition - Fixed Draco set noting bug - Lizardman shamans regular attacks work again - Vorkath is now in the NPC Dragon definition - Amulet of the damned has been added to barrows loot table - Extended the delay after combat to be able to use the bank command - Added all the items for Grand rune pouch and Bound looting bag - Revenants Imp, Goblin and Hobgoblin added to undead npc definition - Added prayer bonus to dragon hide - Added stats to master wand - Changed respawn timers on wilderness bosses to 15 ticks - Moved grace slightly - Added NPC for appreciation point store and Corrupted shard store > Located at home infront of the Altar building - Added Brassica, Armadyl, Guthix, Seren and Bandos halo to Hard and Elite clue scroll tables - Vote lottery will send the rewards to your bank now - Blowpipe will now work as intended with Avas devices - Dragonfire shields are now able to be uncharged - Lava dragonhide is no longer craftable and is now in the upgrade manager > This was a decision made for balancing purposes. - 3rd age druidic is now equipable - Added the Golden godsword special attacks > The ability to obtain these has been added to the donator store for 25 tickets - Pearl fishing rods are now equippable and work as their correct fishing rod type - Added herring and Sardine fishing to Net / Bait fishing spots - Fixed the singing Bowl entirely - Crystal armour is now equipable - Crystal harpoon is now equipable - Crystal halberd is now equipable - Added range strength bonus to all Amethyst ammo - Exodia the forbidden one is now Nechryarch - Corrupted Javelin is now 1 tick faster in attack speed on both rapid and regular - Nerfed the defencive stats of the Smoke Devil boss - Vampyric faceguard will now hide your beard when equipped - Changed it so hiscores will only update if your total level is above 200 - Crystal tree & Shooting star Mine/Chop actions on the different tiers have been fixed - Added mogre spawns at Mudskipper point
  4. Here is a full list of all items in the new sink system for Gauntlet shards. You can sacrifice items south east of the home area, on the sacrificial altar. Sinking items will give the player "Gauntlet Shards" that can be used for new item upgrades and the special Gauntlet Shard shop (accessible by right clicking the altar!). Note that many more items will be added to this list in future updates! If an item has no shard value behind its name, then it has the shard value written at the top. > 3M bracket - 30 shards per item - Amulet of fury - Berserker necklace - Regen bracelet - Warrior ring - Seers ring - Dragon axe > 5M bracket - 50 shards per item - Abyssal whip - dragon boots - Archer ring - Berserker ring - All 6 barrow sets - Abyssal tentacle - Dragonfire shield - Saradomin sword - Pegasian crystal - Dragon pickaxe - Ring of the gods - Treasenous ring - tyrannical ring - Odium ward - Malediction ward > 10M bracket - 100 shards per item - Kraken tentacle - Zamorak godsword - Eternal crystal - Zuriels hood - Morrigans coif - Statius full helmet - Brimstone ring - Heavy ballista > 15-20m bracket - 150 shards per item - Magic fang - serpentine visage or helmet - 175 shards - staff of the dead - armadyl helm - bandos boots - Zamorakian spear/hasta - 175 shards - Ranger boots - Dragon crossbow - Zuriels robe top - Zuriels robe bottom - Morrigans body - Morrigans chaps - Twisted buckler - 175 shards - Dinh's bulwark - 175 shards - Justiciar faceguard - 175 shards > 30M bracket - 300 shards per item - Bandos chestplate - Saradomin godsword - Zuriels staff - Statius platebody - Statius platelegs - necklace of anguish - Amulet of torture - Tormented bracelet - Ring of suffering - Ferocious gloves - Arcane prayer scroll - Ancestral hat - Justiciar chestguard - Justiciar platelegs > 40-45m bracket - 400 shards per item - Bandos tassets - Primordial crystal - Bandos godsword - Armadyl chainskirt - Armadyl chestplate - 450 shards - Vesta's longsword - 450 shards - Avernic defender > 50-60m bracket - 500 shards per item - Armadyl godsword - Vestas spear - Dexterous prayer scroll - 600 shards - Elder maul - Kodai insignia - 600 shards - Nightmare staff - 550 shards - Inquisitor faceguard - 550 shards > 75m+ bracket - Statius warhammer - 2000 shards - Dragon hunter lance - 1250 shards - Dragon hunter crossbow - 800 shards - Ancestral robe top - 800 shards - Ancestral robe bottom - 750 shards - Eldritch orb - 750 shards - Inquisitor hauberk - 900 shards - Inquisitor plateskirt - 850 shards - Neitiznot Faceguard - 750 shards - Dragon claws - 750 shards > 3rd age items - Should be rare to obtain. especially elite/master rewards. Vambraces - 300 shards Range top - 600 shards Range chaps - 450 shards range coif - 350 shards amulet - 400 shards mage hat - 350 shards robe top - 750 shards robe bottom - 600 shards full helm - 450 shards kiteshield - 600 shards platebody - 850 shards platelegs - 750 shards plateskirt - 750 shards 3rd age sword - 2000 shards 3rd age wand - 2000 shards 3rd age bow - 2000 shards 3rd age cloak - 2500 shards 3rd age pickaxe - 5000 shards 3rd age axe - 5000 shards 3rd age druidic pieces - 7500 shards
  5. Start working with us at a great quality and also at a very affordable price, we're doing: + Thread designs - For different kind of services that the users wanna sell, such as League of Legends , Netflix, Steam accounts and more. [Animated too] + We also do high-quality logos and unique - from modern style logos to gaming style ones. + Custom wallpapers - If you want a background with a dragon while being in a shop, or Pikachu riding a unicorn, lmao, we can do it. + Banners - Normal banners or Animated banners. + etc. - everything that is related to the design, as long as you can explain what you want exactly, we sure can do that. Discord server: https://discord.gg/pRnHQ67xZk
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  7. First Ironman to max Discord: Nipa#3432
  8. Start working with us at a great quality and also at a very affordable price, we're doing: + Thread designs - For different kind of services that the users wanna sell, such as League of Legends , Netflix, Steam accounts and more. [Animated too] + We also do high-quality logos and unique - from modern style logos to gaming style ones. + Custom wallpapers - If you want a background with a dragon while being in a shop, or Pikachu riding a unicorn, lmao, we can do it. + Banners - Normal banners or Animated banners. + etc. - everything that is related to the design, as long as you can explain what you want exactly, we sure can do that. Discord server: https://discord.gg/pRnHQ67xZk Quote Edit
  9. Hi Nipa, This is indeed a bug and will be fixed in the next update. You are allowed to kill them in the meantime without fear of repercussion. Thank you very much for your report. EDIT: This bug has since been fixed. Thank you for the report. /moved
  10. I had earlier daily task to kill Lizardman Shamans. Before the patch where Shayzien armor was added to the game, Shamans did all the attack patterns correctly. However earlier today when i went to kill them, they only spammed the Acid attack. Afterwards to confirm i killed around 10 more of them and they still kept spamming it. Meaning that with the Shayzien armor on, you are able to just stand still and semi- AFK kill them without having to worry about taking even a single damage. Assuming they weren't intentionally made so that they deal no damage at all with Shayzien armor on, this must be a bug.
  11. Very nice grind thus far, putting in some numbers! Like Beer, I'll be keeping an eye on your progression. I love progression threads.
  12. Welcome to the server, Mitch. Hope to see you in game soon.
  13. Very well done bro, keep up the good work! I’ll be keeping an eye on this post to keep track
  14. Hello folks ya'all been asking for this droptable and here it is! Item name - (Amount looted) Note: Theres also a 1/20 chance to receive 25 slayer points upon opening one of these ancient caskets. Rune full helm - 1 ~ 4 Rune platebody - 1 ~ 4 Rune platelegs - 1 ~ 4 Rune kiteshield - 1 ~ 4 Rune scimitar - 1 ~ 4 Rune scimitar - 1 ~ 4 Herb Box - 1 Coins - 25k ~ 250K Rune 2h sword - 4 Sharks - 10 Super Combat potion(4) - 5 Prayer Potions(4) - 5 Super Restores(4) - 5 Death Runes - 250 Blood Runes - 250 Wrath Runes - 250 Guthix halo - 1 Zamorak halo - 1 Saraodmin halo - 1 Ancient Halo - 1
  15. Pog absolutely spoon fed Discord :papapain#2576
  16. Hard account MAXED OUT I'm done with the grind Who do I contact now for a prizzze Discord: RexTheMighty#6156
  17. Welcome Mitch, look forward to your account progression and seeing how well you get on!
  18. Start working with us at a great quality and also at a very affordable price, we're doing: + Thread designs - For different kind of services that the users wanna sell, such as League of Legends , Netflix, Steam accounts and more. [Animated too] + We also do high-quality logos and unique - from modern style logos to gaming style ones. + Custom wallpapers - If you want a background with a dragon while being in a shop, or Pikachu riding a unicorn, lmao, we can do it. + Banners - Normal banners or Animated banners. + etc. - everything that is related to the design, as long as you can explain what you want exactly, we sure can do that. Discord server: https://discord.gg/pRnHQ67xZk
  19. Hi everyone! I started playing july 6th/7th/2021, my Main character and only character is a Ultimate Ironman, My goals are to max out my account (99's in everything) and slowly start working on 200m everything, i know its a long and painful grind but i hope to meet many new people and make many friends along the way!
  20. Nice guide! thanks for posting
  21. Hello! I've made a quick and easy guide to kill Vorkath in some very budget gear. The only two pieces you need for sure is the blowpipe(addy darts or better) and salve amulet (ei) which you can get with pvm points and upgrade at Horvik at Edgeville for a grand total of 8M GP. You'll need antifires with blowpipe because you don't have a shield. Antivenom/anti-poison are useful or you could tech swap a serpentine helm. A BGS/Statius warhammer/Dragon warhammer can be useful to lower its def, but not necessary. Anyways here's the video, and good luck friends
  22. That is an absolutely beefy update. Super proud of the work you guys are putting in behind the scene!
  23. This update post will include all additions and fixed over the last couple of days. Overall gameplay. website & lagspikes: As we all know we had issues that were causing lag spikes and server lag. After days of coding and fixing memory leaks, we finally found the issue and solved it! Not only did we solve the server lag and spikes, we also did a lot of work for the website to not depend on our web host anymore which caused disconnects. That means we run smooth as hell now, and we dont have any more issues that are causing disconnects or lag. Slayer superiors: Superior monsters are now being enabled on Gauntlet, if you have unlocked Bigger and Badder, you can get a superior version while doing a task. The chance on getting a superior is 1/100 (half of osrs), and they will have the known droptable that includes imbued heart etc. -Shayzien Armour added to Slayer reward store - 200 points for set -Ecumenical Keys added to Slayer reward store - 15 points per key Reactivated Chambers of Xeric: Raids has now been reworked and re enabled on Gauntlet, you can get there when talking to the teleport wizard and go to the mini games category. For every 6700 points (osrs = 8600) you will get a extra 1% to hit the rare drop table, with a limit of 10%. Down here are all the fixes that have been done to raids: -Fixed infinite prayer bug with Olm. -Determined the cause of the no NPC raids. - Fixed an issue with the raid party interface. - Your raid will now update properly when somebody leaves the group. Patch notes and game fixes: -Can no longer withdraw from coffer with a full inventory -Granite hammer is now wearable. -Dragon metal lump is now tradeable. -Increased the amount of cannonball packs, resource packs and ancient caskets in the pvm store. -Dust devils are no longer aggressive. -Tokkul reward from fight caves are now send to your bank. -Added the 70 agility requirement for Al Kharid palace shortcuts. -All trees now have much faster respawn timers. -You can now alchemise dragon 2h sword and revenant ether. -Wounded soldier at Trollheim will no longer move. -Making bolt tips out of gems is now twice as fast as it was before. -Making potions is now twice as fast as it was before. -Christmas cracker no longer gets you stuck in an animation. -All legendary pets are now tradeable -All imbued god rings are now tradeable. -All upgradeable versions of the imbued god rings ( ring of the beasts, ring of the arachnids and ring of the undead -Helm of Neitiznot added to regular Dagannoths -Also added to Dagannoth rex -Increased the protect value of Dbow and decreased protect value of Saradomin d'hide boots -Disabled access to TOB as it is a work in progress -Dragon limbs now tradable -Buffed Draco set to 10% accuracy and damage -Added Wyverns to the dragon definitions -Dragon hunter crossbow damage set correctly -Fixed unskulling on death in wilderness -Cut down on how many broadcasts PVM events put out -Blowpipe will no longer use double the amount of ammo -Cannon will now work properly -Cannon will now be reclaimable if you do not pick it up during an update -Dagg rings (i) are now tradeable -Added Dice bag to donator shop -Added Wyson the gardener NPC back -Fixed Blowpipe going minus with darts -Re balanced the Rev drop table (Should be more acceptable to everyone now) -Enabled some slayer tasks that was disabled -Fixed killing spree icons in broadcasts -Buffed the chance to obtain Lumber jack pieces whilst woodcutting -Added a dialogue warning when checking PVP Armours/Weapons that it will make the item untradeable -Removed the method that detached certain items after death -Added Corrupt Javelin to the Necromancer boss loot table, you can charge it with corrupted essence (also dropped by Necromancer) -Dagannoths now respawn in Catacombs -Lighthouse dungeon added to dungeon teleports -Added Dagannoths spawns to lighthouse dungeon and fixed all objects. -Lighthouse dungeon is now a multi combat zone. -Wilderness shortcut towards wilderness gwd dungeon fixed (climbingrocks). -You can now exit and enter the mos leharmless dungeon. -Removed Chaos elemental, scorpia, chaos fanatic and venenatis from wildy teleports. -Changed tele location of crazy archaeologist and callisto. -Item kept on death value has been changed so its to the items cached value -Fixed Brimstone keys not dropping properly -Added revenant imp spawn -Added revenant hobgoblin spawn -Npc's in canafis are no longer aggressive. -Fixed goblins hp. -Fixed monkeys in Ardougne zoo. -Added more skeleton spawns in the wild (abyss teleport npc area). -Mthril dragons are no longer aggressive. (no more dragon pjing). -Adamant dragons are no longer aggressive. (no more dragon pjing). -Rune dragons are no longer aggressive. (no more dragon pjing). -You can now attack the bandits(level130) in bandit camp. -Added Ecumenical key drops to wildy godwars 1/40 -You can no longer spec someone else from a distance. -Fixed Vorkath only dropping 1 item & Alchemical Hydra only dropping 1 item -Charged Spell only last 60 Seconds, Now Lasts 7 Minutes -Wintertodt fixed falling snow time & cold damage time -Reworked Vet'ion combat script. -Saradomin mages now use magic instead of melee, and they give kc. -Zamorak mages their animations are fixed, they also use magic now. -Fixed the underlying issue with BlowPipe Finally! -Fixed starter ip limit -Getting a wildy pvp armour drop now skulls you instead of redskull. -You can no longer use the bank command in Godwars. -Bloodline shard is now tradeable. -Bloodline weapons are now tradeable. -Penance queen is now tradeable. -Added cerberus to demontype. -Added Corrupted nechryarch to undead type. -Added Support to wilderness Limit 2 players per user -We now only allow 3 clients per user -You can no longer kill yourself in the wilderness! -Removed the stat reduction of PVP armours and items outside the wilderness. -Vampyric faceguard now has a 20% chance to heal you for the damage you dealt. (inside wilderness the faceguard will not have the healing effect) -Increased Accuracy of Twisted Bow. - Fixed the archlight and darklight. - Blood shard has been added to the blood money shop (melee) for. 25k blood money. -Made it so you cannot Claim a vote if you have a full inventory -Changed it so when you donate the item is added to your bank, Also made it so if your bank is full you cannot claim till you make space. -Reverted change to Item kept of death so any issues with the recent change will go back. -Added Iban's staff to PVM Store. -Restricted the Cannon in a lot of places it shouldn't of been able to be used, Also restricted in instances. -Added Shayzien armour effect against Lizardman Shamans also added all its correct stats. -Removed the death cost from the death storage chest at home. - NOTE All items will still be sent to the Death Storage. -Released new Launcher, If you haven't downloaded it, Please do.
  24. A big fat yes please to all off these from me, some sick ideas there brother
  25. Thanks bro, looks good. I do have a list off all majority quest items to be added alr, just need to get around to it. aswell as being able to use sickles etc for fungus : ) The rest we deffo can look into improving, as ironman is my favourite game mode. I also want the best experience possible : ) Thanks for the time and effort put into this
  26. This is just a collection of issues that myself, and other irons would like to see fixed, some are for more than just ironmen though. Herb secondaries Some are pretty tedious to get, I understand the community voted to have these items dropped by monsters, so it wasn't just a store for irons, which is good, but I think some should be increased, for example chaos druids drop 5-8 wines of zamorak at a 1/31 chance. As the main way of farming that secondary, I think it should be raised to maybe 10-20, or maybe just make them less rare. BLUE DRAGON SCALES: this is probably the single most annoying overlook I have experienced so far, the only thing in game that drops these are brutal blue dragons, at a 1/58 droprate... 5 at a time....... This is basically the only way to get antifires other than farming dagganoth rex, and I think either they should be added as spawns to the taverly dungeon (and myths guild when it is ingame) or added to a shop. I did over 20 minutes of brutal blues just to get a single drop so i could go kill some vorkath. This update seriously needs to be in game asap. Mort myre fungus: There are only 2 ways of getting bulk mort myre fungus, Vet'ion, and blue dragons, blue dragons drop 5-15 at a 1/26, (they also drop vials of water at the same rate, this should be removed because you can buy them from a shop and does nothing but make the useful drops feel even more rare) I would suggest either slightly lowering the droprate of mort myre fungus from blue dragons, or upping the amount they drop to be more in line with the other secondaries, 10-40 at a time. Vet'ion can drop 100 of these, but theres only 1 vet'ion, in multi. At over 30 wild, its just unrealistic to expect every iron who will ever need them to go sit at vet'ion, especially once all the wildy bosses are being camped 24/7 by people looking for the rings/shards. Red spiders eggs: similar issue to the fungus, main way of getting it would be a wilderness boss that can't be instanced, This is slightly less of an issue because of the spawns in edgeville dungeon, but seeing these added to a table from a slayer monster, noted, would help the lower level players trying to get their first super restores. Seeds: As of now, there's no amazing place to farm out a lot of mid-high level seeds, searching for any herb seed on the bestiary tab just gives the "too many results" message, most likely because all kinds of things drop seeds, but for example, aberrant spectres drop 12 different seeds, varying from 1/30 to 1/90.. until torstol, which is for some reason a 1/903, More rare than a torstol seed from abberant spectres in osrs. It seems to be a trend where a monster that drops seeds, drops a large variety at an overly rare rate because of how many exist on the table. An easy fix would be removing bs like the belladonna seeds, cactus seeds, and also removing some of the overly rare herbs. abberant spectres drop 1-3 grimy cadantine, lantadyme, and dwarf weeds.. at 1/586.. compared to the 1/52- 1/70 rate on osrs. Clearly something isn't right about these rates. Biggest suggestion for herb seeds imo Farming Guild: Allow us to use the farming guild, contracts, and maybe hespori as well. This area is already in game, but not accessible. Last thing to do with herblore, PLEASE add the ability to make divine pots, you get the crystal shards from chopping the crystal tree that appears every now and then, and as far as I can tell they are useless rn, adding the ability to make divine potions with them would be huge for anybody not willing to try for the overload heart. Shop Access There are a lot of shops that aren't available to irons, for good reason, but there's some serious side effects that should be fixed as well. Quick examples that just need to be added to another shop for irons: Ghostly robes, Climbing boots, God staves, all simple items, that just can't be obtained on an iron for no reason. Pvm points store: past early game, there's only really 2 items worth buying in this shop, the ancient caskets, and resource packs. These items are decently priced, and shouldn't be changed in that aspect, however I would love to see some more items added to this shop, maybe more "end" game upgrade components, such as the slayer helm addon that will make it the fused or w.e helm you guys plan on making, or maybe adding a "random halo" for 200ish points a piece, (this is because as of now halo's from ancient caskets are incredibly rare, especially considering how many unique ones you need for a fused attempt, pls make the rate better so it's worth opening these) Resource packs could also do with a small upgrade, maybe adding prayer potions, antifires, ranging potions, things that fit in with the current contents of whats in them. Another new item that could be added is a cheap one time use "clue skip scroll" just allow it to skip a single step of a clue, would be useful when you're doing a stack of clues and want to skip a tedious step. Blood money store: This needs an overhaul for irons for sure, This is the only thing irons can spend blood money on as of right now, other than the upgrade table. There are many things in the main blood money shops that should be open to irons imo, things like the imbued heart (maybe not now since superiors are finally being added, but still as of now it's strictly a donation item, which feels wrong.) Burnt pages, tome of fire, dragon darts, thrownaxes, and knives, resource packs, spirit shield/blessed spirit shield, obsidian armour, Some of these are too tedious to stack on an iron, and honestly have little use anyway, These and other items should be allowed to be bought on an ironman with blood money because blood money isn't strictly from pvp, or farming kills on an iron or anything, you get lots from camping wilderness bosses, revs, tournaments, And as of now stacking blood money has almost no use. Especially considering the protection values right now, bringing god dhides (the only thing we can currently use blood money on) into the wild, isn't even useful because they protect over things like imbued rings. Would seriously like to see more blood money items accessible for irons. Also random suggestion, please fix the corrupted pickaxe, It has no use as of now and takes a lot of time to get. I've tried my best to collect some info from other irons, as well as things I've noticed and had to work around while playing, theres tons of other suggestions that I can't think of right now, and I'd love any irons who didn't get their suggestions in here, or want to propose a different idea to what I've said to respond to the topic so the devs can fix these issues in a way we are all happy with. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.
  27. welcome mate i've seen u ingame a few times hopefully u enjoy ur stay
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