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  1. Very well done bro, keep up the good work! I’ll be keeping an eye on this post to keep track
  2. Yet again more amazing updates by the team, keep it up fellas!
  3. Well done and welcome to the team
  4. Welcome to the team
  5. Lovely work thank you very much
  6. Great work team! Thank you all very much! Thank you to all players that have joined and said hello we hope you enjoyed launch as much as we have! Big shoutout to all that reported and suggested things so we can all have as best of an experience as possible
  7. Beer

    Herblore Guide

    Nice and tidy guide, thank you
  8. This is the mystery box that is available in the Donator store for 25 Donation tickets ($25)
  9. Welcome bro, we all hope you enjoy! Be great to see you in-game, very soon
  10. Beer

    Ceraxy's intro

    Welcome bro! Super excited for release to meet ya
  11. Great work from the team again!! Have a great release everyone, excited to see & meet you all in-game
  12. Welcome to a whole new experience!
  13. Welcome! You will not regret joining >:D

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