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  1. The brand new Drop rate bonus system! We have completely reworked our drop rate bonus system since our current one was a bit of a mess and confusing. It has been configured and applied to all drop tables, modes, rev caves skulling(15%), items and donator ranks! To check your current drop rate %, look in your quest tab! So item wise we added some bonus drop rate when wearing the following items: - Golden Flippers, they have a additional 2.5% bonus drop rate applied upon wielding. - Fused Halo, they have a additional 1.5% bonus drop rate applied upon wielding. - Ring of Wealth (i), it has a additional 3% bonus drop rate applied upon wielding. Not only we added drop rate bonus to items, we are also happy to introduce two new pets into the game! - Lucky Leprechaun, this pet has a 7.5% bonus drop rate when following you. (Cost: 10000 shards. The shards are obtainable by using our new sacrificing system.) - Golden Leprechaun, this pet has a 15% bonus drop rate when following you. (Obtainable in the upgrade table, with a 10% chance, you can upgrade your lucky Leprechaun into a Golden one.) Necromancer boss changes. Necromancer has received some changes drop table wise. As we noticed necromancer was a pretty do-able boss in medium tier gear, while it dropped armour and weapons that were stronger then raids armour and items. What we have done is we have deleted Necromancer set, Corrupted Javelin and Corrupted Staff from the drop table. Both Corrupted Staff and Javelin have received some buffs, like the venom effect. The necromancer set has received a big buff, and is currently the best in slot magic armour. We have replaced it with a Necromancer silk, which you will need to get the items now, To create the robe set and weaponry, you will need to head towards the upgrade table. Under here i will explain the new additions to the upgrade table regarding the old Necromancer Boss drops: Necromancer hat. (Obtainable in the upgrade table, with a 50% chance, you can upgrade your ancestral hat + necromancer silk into a necromancer hat.) Necromancer robe top. (Obtainable in the upgrade table, with a 50% chance, you can upgrade your ancestral top + necromancer silk into a necromancer top.) Necromancer robe bottoms. (Obtainable in the upgrade table, with a 50% chance, you can upgrade your ancestral robe bottoms + necromancer silk into a necromancer robe bottoms.) Corrupted Javelin. (Obtainable in the upgrade table, with a 25% chance, you can upgrade your blowpipe + necromancer silk into a corrupted javelin.) Corrupted Staff. (Obtainable in the upgrade table, with a 25% chance, you can upgrade your toxic trident + necromancer silk into a corrupted staff.) Other fixes/changes: Changed all pvp armour and weapon charges from 60k to 8k charges. (reason why is that it took people 15 days of playtime to use 10k charges, it was set way too high) Cape of skulls now require 5 pk keys instead of 25, simply because it was set way too high. Draco set buff against dragons has been doubled, as it was a bit useless at the moment, doubling the damage and accuracy will make it compete with end game items. Bloodline shard droprates have been reduced since they were way too rare. Super mystery box has been reworked, not only got the chances reworked, i also removed all bs items and kept like 2-3 of them, I also added a new variety of items to it that are worth the box price. Added more coin rewards, buffed the rune item amounts and added blood money to larrans chest. Not only that, i also changed the rates on the table so you dont always get mantarays. Spinach roll will no longer examine when trying to eat it. All zenyte (or) jewelry is now tradeable. Changed dynamic region item dissapearing from ground to 15 minutes instead of 2 minutes. Added access to the Paterdomus temple dungeon (quest) to enter Morytania. Added god staves, ghostly robes and climbing boots to ironman shop. Removed hobgoblin spawns in dz as they had no purpose. Added runecrating altar teleports to all talismans, right click locate to teleport to the specific altar location. Added the mystery crate, gives 3 random mystery box rewards. Added promotion crate, gives 3x rolls on mbox and super mbox table, pvp mbox, mystery crate and legendary pet box. Boss respawn timer for thermonuclear smoke devil fixed. Boss respawn timer for all dagannoth kings are fixed. Adjusted the item protect value for all the imbued god rings and upgraded rings. Dragon hunter crossbow now has a correct item protection value. Brutal lava dragon now drops 100-200 black chins instead of only 1. Vet'ion reborn now counts as a undead npc. You can now wear Demon feet. Super extended antifire potions are now tradeable. Revenant imp now counts towards your revenant slayer task. You can now use Brine sabre to cut the web in wilderness. Dragon pickaxe is now tradeable. You can now wear monk robes (t). You can now acces draynor sewers. Abby demon spawns added to the abyss. Kalphite cave teleport added to dungeon teleports. You can now attack the cow calfs in lumbridge sheep field. The stile in the lumbridge sheep field now works. You can now open Oyster pearls. You can now open caskets for cash rewards. You can now use the pipe in barbarian agility. You can now use the pipe in karuulm dungeon. Corrupted essence now has a 1:10 charge ratio instead of a 1:1 ratio. You can now craft oyster bolt tips from Oyster pearls. Magic shortbow (i) has been buffed. All d'hide shields are now equipable and have the correct stats. Magic dart spell now works on kurask's and turoths. Elf warriors have been added to Lletya. Corrupted staff and Javelin now have the venom effect. Dragonfire shield no longer dismantles on death. Ancient wyvern shield no longer dismantles on death. Added Lighting Candles. Added Adding poison to weapons. Altered Shops to instantly replace stock. Added Change Password Command. Added Hydra Boss to count towards Hydra Task. Tome Of Fire Does not come before any staff that has Fire Runes. Looting bag stacking Noted items instead of telling the user the bag is full. Opened Farming Guild, (WIP). Fixed Zulrah just Stunning on melee phase, Fixed Slayer Staff Auto casting Booklet. Fixed Gargoyle's not counting towards Gargoyle task at slayer tower. Added Slayer Helm (i) % bonus to interface. Added Noted Rannars to Vet'ion. Added Salve Amulet Increases to equipment interface. Demonic Gorillas No longer losing drops to pools of water. Basilocked Slayer Reward Unlock can now be purchased. First Time Slayer Achievement now completes Correctly. Made Bestiary reflect true Drop rate % increase upto 100% drop rate bonus! Added Crystal keys / halfs to more drop tables. Imbued, Combatant and Rangers hearts now have a 5 minute cooldown instead of 7. Overload heart now has a 2 minute cooldown timer. Combatant heart stat boost slightly nerfed. Added Cursed vesta's longsword special attack. Added its special attack description. Cursed vesta's longsword special attack will ignore 85% of your targets defence and do 25% increased damage. Added Creation claws special attack. Altered its special attack description. Creation claws special attack has increased accuracy and damage. Enhanced Crystal key chest when using a key will now give 2 individual roles, Meaning 1 roll could hit the rare table and the other common for example. Changed for the Regular and Elven chest when you loot the chest it will add or drop meaning if your inventory is full, the items will drop to the floor. Increased the chance of hitting the different tables on the Regular Crystal chest. Released a new client, You can get this by relaunching the launcher and it will download automatically. Trading post fixes There was an issue with if there was only 1 item in the trading post and you searched for it, it wouldn't show in the results, this has now been fixed. Trading post offers will now go onto the pages in order of when they was put up, if you click the order buttons at the top, it will handle this correctly now. Fixed the issue being able to drop inside of tourney, no more cheating. Removed titles from make-over Mage, due to causing account corruptions. New system will arrive soon!
  2. This update post will include all additions and fixed over the last couple of days. Overall gameplay. website & lagspikes: As we all know we had issues that were causing lag spikes and server lag. After days of coding and fixing memory leaks, we finally found the issue and solved it! Not only did we solve the server lag and spikes, we also did a lot of work for the website to not depend on our web host anymore which caused disconnects. That means we run smooth as hell now, and we dont have any more issues that are causing disconnects or lag. Slayer superiors: Superior monsters are now being enabled on Gauntlet, if you have unlocked Bigger and Badder, you can get a superior version while doing a task. The chance on getting a superior is 1/100 (half of osrs), and they will have the known droptable that includes imbued heart etc. -Shayzien Armour added to Slayer reward store - 200 points for set -Ecumenical Keys added to Slayer reward store - 15 points per key Reactivated Chambers of Xeric: Raids has now been reworked and re enabled on Gauntlet, you can get there when talking to the teleport wizard and go to the mini games category. For every 6700 points (osrs = 8600) you will get a extra 1% to hit the rare drop table, with a limit of 10%. Down here are all the fixes that have been done to raids: -Fixed infinite prayer bug with Olm. -Determined the cause of the no NPC raids. - Fixed an issue with the raid party interface. - Your raid will now update properly when somebody leaves the group. Patch notes and game fixes: -Can no longer withdraw from coffer with a full inventory -Granite hammer is now wearable. -Dragon metal lump is now tradeable. -Increased the amount of cannonball packs, resource packs and ancient caskets in the pvm store. -Dust devils are no longer aggressive. -Tokkul reward from fight caves are now send to your bank. -Added the 70 agility requirement for Al Kharid palace shortcuts. -All trees now have much faster respawn timers. -You can now alchemise dragon 2h sword and revenant ether. -Wounded soldier at Trollheim will no longer move. -Making bolt tips out of gems is now twice as fast as it was before. -Making potions is now twice as fast as it was before. -Christmas cracker no longer gets you stuck in an animation. -All legendary pets are now tradeable -All imbued god rings are now tradeable. -All upgradeable versions of the imbued god rings ( ring of the beasts, ring of the arachnids and ring of the undead -Helm of Neitiznot added to regular Dagannoths -Also added to Dagannoth rex -Increased the protect value of Dbow and decreased protect value of Saradomin d'hide boots -Disabled access to TOB as it is a work in progress -Dragon limbs now tradable -Buffed Draco set to 10% accuracy and damage -Added Wyverns to the dragon definitions -Dragon hunter crossbow damage set correctly -Fixed unskulling on death in wilderness -Cut down on how many broadcasts PVM events put out -Blowpipe will no longer use double the amount of ammo -Cannon will now work properly -Cannon will now be reclaimable if you do not pick it up during an update -Dagg rings (i) are now tradeable -Added Dice bag to donator shop -Added Wyson the gardener NPC back -Fixed Blowpipe going minus with darts -Re balanced the Rev drop table (Should be more acceptable to everyone now) -Enabled some slayer tasks that was disabled -Fixed killing spree icons in broadcasts -Buffed the chance to obtain Lumber jack pieces whilst woodcutting -Added a dialogue warning when checking PVP Armours/Weapons that it will make the item untradeable -Removed the method that detached certain items after death -Added Corrupt Javelin to the Necromancer boss loot table, you can charge it with corrupted essence (also dropped by Necromancer) -Dagannoths now respawn in Catacombs -Lighthouse dungeon added to dungeon teleports -Added Dagannoths spawns to lighthouse dungeon and fixed all objects. -Lighthouse dungeon is now a multi combat zone. -Wilderness shortcut towards wilderness gwd dungeon fixed (climbingrocks). -You can now exit and enter the mos leharmless dungeon. -Removed Chaos elemental, scorpia, chaos fanatic and venenatis from wildy teleports. -Changed tele location of crazy archaeologist and callisto. -Item kept on death value has been changed so its to the items cached value -Fixed Brimstone keys not dropping properly -Added revenant imp spawn -Added revenant hobgoblin spawn -Npc's in canafis are no longer aggressive. -Fixed goblins hp. -Fixed monkeys in Ardougne zoo. -Added more skeleton spawns in the wild (abyss teleport npc area). -Mthril dragons are no longer aggressive. (no more dragon pjing). -Adamant dragons are no longer aggressive. (no more dragon pjing). -Rune dragons are no longer aggressive. (no more dragon pjing). -You can now attack the bandits(level130) in bandit camp. -Added Ecumenical key drops to wildy godwars 1/40 -You can no longer spec someone else from a distance. -Fixed Vorkath only dropping 1 item & Alchemical Hydra only dropping 1 item -Charged Spell only last 60 Seconds, Now Lasts 7 Minutes -Wintertodt fixed falling snow time & cold damage time -Reworked Vet'ion combat script. -Saradomin mages now use magic instead of melee, and they give kc. -Zamorak mages their animations are fixed, they also use magic now. -Fixed the underlying issue with BlowPipe Finally! -Fixed starter ip limit -Getting a wildy pvp armour drop now skulls you instead of redskull. -You can no longer use the bank command in Godwars. -Bloodline shard is now tradeable. -Bloodline weapons are now tradeable. -Penance queen is now tradeable. -Added cerberus to demontype. -Added Corrupted nechryarch to undead type. -Added Support to wilderness Limit 2 players per user -We now only allow 3 clients per user -You can no longer kill yourself in the wilderness! -Removed the stat reduction of PVP armours and items outside the wilderness. -Vampyric faceguard now has a 20% chance to heal you for the damage you dealt. (inside wilderness the faceguard will not have the healing effect) -Increased Accuracy of Twisted Bow. - Fixed the archlight and darklight. - Blood shard has been added to the blood money shop (melee) for. 25k blood money. -Made it so you cannot Claim a vote if you have a full inventory -Changed it so when you donate the item is added to your bank, Also made it so if your bank is full you cannot claim till you make space. -Reverted change to Item kept of death so any issues with the recent change will go back. -Added Iban's staff to PVM Store. -Restricted the Cannon in a lot of places it shouldn't of been able to be used, Also restricted in instances. -Added Shayzien armour effect against Lizardman Shamans also added all its correct stats. -Removed the death cost from the death storage chest at home. - NOTE All items will still be sent to the Death Storage. -Released new Launcher, If you haven't downloaded it, Please do.
  3. Here by the rewards you can get from the normal mystery box, whenever we change it in the droptable, it will get updated on here as well. The mystery box can be obtained by winning tournaments, or by donating for it in our store. NORMAL TABLE: Ahrim's hood Ahrim's robetop Ahrim's robeskirt Dharok's helm Dharok's platebody Dharok's platelegs Dharok's greataxe Karil's leathertop 100 Anglerfish Dark bow Bandana eyepatch Dark cavalier Blue headband Ranger boots Guthix halo Afro Beanie Zamorak halo Saraodmin halo Decorative platebody (Melee) Decorative platelegs (Melee) Decorative hat (Magic) Decorative robe top (Magic) Decorative bottoms (Magic) Black cane Adamant cane Iron dragon mask Steel dragon mask Mithril dragon mask Green dragon mask Red dragon mask Black dragon mask White dark bow paint Yellow dark bow paint Green dark bow paint Blue dark bow paint Frozen whip mix Volcanic whip mix Spirit shield Infinity gloves Infinity hat Infinity top Infinity bottoms Tzhaar-ket-om Toktz-xil-ek Abyssal whip Granite maul Infinity boots Berserker necklace 250 Super combat potions 250 Anglerfish 500 Super combat potions 500 Anglerfish Bunny ears Flippers Rubber chicken Bunny feat Abyssal tentacle Mudskipper hat Cow mask Cow top Cow bottoms Cow gloves Cow boots Occult necklace Dragon chain Crystal weapon seed Dragon metal lump godsword blade Amulet of fury Dragonfire shield New crystal shield Blessed spirit shield Odium ward Malediction ward Rune cane Dragon cane Bronze dragon mask Lava dragon mask Berserker ring Warriors ring Archers ring Seers ring Berserker ring (i) Warriors ring (i) Archers ring (i) Seers ring (i)) Elder chaos top Elder chaos hood 1000 Super combat potions 1000 Anglerfish 1-5m coins 1500 Super combat potions 1500 Anglerfish Robin hood hat Rangers' tunic 5000 Super combat potions 5000 Anglerfish Scythe Bunny ears Blacksmith's helm Bucket helm Bucket helm (g) Obsidian cape (f) Fancy tiara Bowl wig Lesser demon mask Greater demon mask Black demon mask Old demon mask Jungle demon mask ULTRA RARES: Red party hat Yellow party hat Blue party hat Green party hat Purple party hat White party hat 3rd age cloak Ferocious gloves Brimstone ring Ferocious gloves Brimstone ring Blue halloween mask Green halloween mask Red halloween mask
  4. Welcome! Ive been in the basement...... not exactly a fun place to be!
  5. [June 25th, 2021] Patch Notes. New content, and more!! Pet perk system We have added a system, that gives certain perks to pets, to give pets more use inside the game. Not just custom pets, but also all skilling pets and some boss pets will contain perks they carry and activate when they are following you. Added 15+ new pets into the game. Added over 30 perks on pets, to see all the perks, check out this guide made by Bowlcut: Official Pet Perks Guide. - Miscellaneous - Gauntlet (gauntletps.com) Upgrade table system We have added a system, to create more powerful items when fusing items with each other. Have added a tracker to each individual upgrade you attempt / Successfully do, Also a total upgrade which will be added to the Statistics page of your quest tab. There is also % chance to successfully upgrade to make it not too easy + it would be a extra item sink for the economy. Later on, when there are more items added, we will make a guide on all upgrades etc, You can find the new Upgrade Manager by the Drunken dwarf east side of home. Added the Ring of the Undead to the upgrade table. needs imbued ring of gods(i) + 5k bm to upgrade (20%) also has a 8% more damage to undead npcs. has a +4 prayer bonus and 3 strength bonus compared to the ring of the Gods (i). Added the Ring of the Arachnids to the upgrade table. - needs imbued Treasonous ring(i) + 5k bm to upgrade (20%) also has a 8% more damage to insect and spider npcs. (applies to Venenatis, Sarachnis, Kalphites, Kalphite Queen, Scorpia, Scorpia guardians.. - has a +4 attack bonus and 3 strength bonus compared to the Treasonous ring (i). Added the Ring of the Beasts to the upgrade table. needs imbued tyrannical ring(i) + 5k bm to upgrade (20%) also has a 8% more damage to animal npcs. (applies to Cerberus, Callisto, Terror dogs, Hellhounds, Cave kraken, giant mole. - has a +4 crush bonus and 3 strength bonus compared to the Tyrannical ring (i). Added the Cape of Skulls to the upgrade table. - needs max cape + x25 deadman keys to upgrade (35%) also has a a +4 bonus on all stats. Added the Armadyl godsword (or) + added it to the upgrade table. - needs x5 armadyl godswords to upgrade (15%) also has a a +20 strength bonus. Added the Fused boots to the upgrade table. - needs x5 primordial boots, x5 eternal boots and x5 pegasian boots to upgrade (20%) also has all stats combined +2 on all stats. Added the Primordial boots (or) to the upgrade table. - needs x5 primordial boots to upgrade (50%) also has a a +2 strength bonus. Added the Overload heart to the upgrade table. - needs x3 imbued heart to upgrade (10%) same effects as a overload. Added the Vampyric faceguard to the upgrade table. - needs neitiznot faceguard + blood shard(same as u use to make blood fury) to upgrade (20%) same effects as a overload. - has a +10 on a defence stats and +2 strength bonus compared to neitiznot faceguard. Slayer in General We had to change alot with slayer, down here is everything we have changed. All Slayer masters have their level requirements. Removed the selection for easy, medium, hard and boss. Added Wilderness Slayer properly, You can get these tasks from Krystilia at Edgeville. Added a chance to get assigned a wilderness boss task from Krystilia if you have unlocked the Like a Boss Perk. Fixed that if you walked away during the dialogue of picking your boss task amount it would assign -1, Now it will just assign a random amount, There is a warning for this also. Added Konar location slayer tasks, You can get these from herself at home. If you need an easier task, Turael will give you one but at the cost of your task streak. Points depending on Slayer master have been lowered significantly, Multiplier based on streak has been fixed. Konar tasks will drop Brimstone keys, The chance of getting one will increase with the monsters combat level. Added Black Knights to slayer tasks. Added Nieve Jr pet to the slayer store. Npc fixes Ghosts in level 6 wilderness are changed back to dark wizard's . New Wizard at home and some locations around the map will now open the teleport interface where you can teleport and right click to teleport to previous teleport. Saw Mill operators turned back into men in Al-Kharid. Purple Pheonix's turned back into Women around the map. General Store NPC in Varrock will no longer be Aggressive. Added 4 hoggoblin spawns at hog goblin peninsula. Added Oziach spawn + shop. Changed womens in the zoo back to zoo keepers in ardougne. Fixed the snake spawn in the ardougne zoo. Added more bats outside the slayer tower. Added banker in ape atoll (replaced null npc). hobgoblin level 47 now has the correct hitpoints. Animations fixed for spiritual mages in godwars. Removed the ground fire special attack from elvarg, that drake is stronk enough already. Reduced max hit of nercromancer boss slightly. Added Avator of Destruction and Avatar of Creation to the world boss spawns! pet chance = 1/800! Removed the sheep at varrock that tried to scam people for tea. Fixed the Father Aereck clue step. Changed all soul less npcs in taverley and black knight fortress back to black knights. Added snape grass seeds to master farmer droptable. Item fixes and additions Fixed some set effects. Fixed dragon spear special. lowered fused boots on upgrade managers cost and also increased chance to be successful. You can no longer pickup a looting bag if you already have one. Holy scythe will now use correct gfx when attacking. fixed spelling on Vampyric faceguard. You can now combine and dismantle Nightmare staffs with their orbs. Adjusted angler set bonus. You can now eat toad's legs. Added 3 snape grass spawns at waterbirth island. Added 2 snape grass spawns at hoggoblin Peninsula. Added the Cape of Skulls. Added the Fused boots . Added the Overload heart . Added the Vampyric faceguard . Added the effects of the overload heart. Overloads will restore back to correct stats if they dip (Was doing + 17 instead of + 19 based on being level 99 in those skills). All divine potions are now consumable and provide correct stat boosts based on your level. When in the trading post you can now hover over an item and it will tell you the items name. Misc Fixes Air altar exit portal fixed . Water altar exit portal fixed . Fire altar exit portal fixed . Chaos altar exit portal fixed . Nature altar exit portal fixed . Death altar exit portal fixed . Law altar exit portal fixed . Shops now have proper pricing. -What this means is pricing in a store will be how its handled in osrs, Unless the price has been set manually by us. Selling to a general store would give you 40% the value of the item your selling. Will no longer get a message saying you have to many coins when trying to sell to a store when you don't. QoL change : you can now left click the ge booth at home to open the bank, right click>open trading post to open the trading post. Removed the option to upgrade void into elite void at Horvik. Removed the healing, Stat and Spec restore from Teleporting. tele command will work properly for donators over Emerald now. Fixed the ruby rank. Rewrote the bank command. Can no longer be used in Chambers of Xeric. Can no longer be used inside your home/anyone else home. Can no longer be used whilst in an Active PVP zone. Settings Tab fixed. Fixed a typo in the upgrade table ( changed corrupted nightmare staff to corrupted orb). Added shadow behind all yell colours to make them readable . Al kharid window and wall shortcuts fixed. Stairs in champions guild now work. Changed achievement name down in the dirt to dirty money. Stairs in lumbridge castle are now fully functional. You can now use the portal in barrelchest, if you dont have a rank you will be send to home. Ironman, ultimate ironman and hardcore ironman can no longer stake at the duel arena. spinning wheel at priff now works. spinning wheel at neitiznot now works. clay oven at neitiznot now works. clay forge at neitiznot now works. You can now fletch teak logs. Catherby shores teleport now teleports you to the shores. Removed crash site teleports from monsters since it is already in bosses teleports. kraken boss will now teleport you in front of the instance. Adjusted the location you teleport to when using draynor teleport. Fixed the LMS Map. Fixed the Tournament waiting area. Made some small changes to Edgeville. Added the correct furnace to Shilo Village. Fixed youtuber rank. Fixed the draynor shortcut . stile shortcut below fally farm patch has been fixed . Shortcut south of the wildy altar fixed . Falador castle stairs are all fixed. Stile at catherby beehives fixed . Removed 30 and 15 minute tournament announcement, will only announce on 10 and 1 minute left now. Fixed visual bug in make over mage interface . removed the double drops calculations, Will be replaced with the drop rate system instead. Crystal shards now give 1:10, 1 shard will equal 10 dust. Fixed noted item issue when withdrawing from the bank. Fixed achievement shop, you can no longer buy items if you do not have the achievement done Fixed the issues with farming patches that when interacting with them it would either not work or give back wrong information. The Farming patches in the donator zones will be disabled during competitions. When planting tree saplings it will now require a spade. Beginner Clues no longer have access to the Universal rewards table. Removed Beginner map steps temporarily awaiting the Clue scroll rework (This fixes the issue of the conflicting map steps for easy and medium clues, They can now be completed). Can no longer use the bank command inside the Tournament lobby. Can no longer use the bank command inside wintertodt. Clue caskets will now stack when you complete a clue scroll. Swapped skilling store and general store locations with eachother at home. Farming shops will now sell the correct plant pot. Relocated mind altar, you can now craft mind runes. Relocated body altar, you can now craft body runes. Relocated cosmic altar, you can now craft cosmic runes. Removed canes from super mbox. Added arma cbow to super mbox. Added serpentine helm to super mbox. When a player donates it will now say their in game name in the announcement message. Restricted the bank command in certain areas where it could be abused / just be extremely overpowered. Fixed some drops for bosses. Cannon is now reclaimable once destroyed/lost the usual ways, If you just drop it, you cannot reclaim it. Fixed an issue with Cannon not doing damage. Players can now create accounts with 2 letter names (Cannot do 1 letter names, May release in future).
  6. Hey Welcome! The whole team has been working really hard, hope to see you in game soon
  7. Welcome Nathan!
  8. Welcome amigo!
  9. Bowlcut

    Hi everyone!

    Thank you for the kind words! and welcome hope to see you in game on release~!
  10. Welcome to the official pet perks guide, i will try to keep this as updated as possible by adding all new pets that are made in here. For now this is the list of pets that have perks in Gauntlet! Skilling pets: Baby Chinchompa Pet: Grants 10% extra experience in Hunter. Obtainable via doing the Hunter skill, drop rate will stay unknown, the more experience you have in the skill gives you a better droprate. There are multiple colored chins, grey, red, black, and gold. Beaver Pet: Grants 10% extra experience in Woodcutting. Obtainable via doing the Woodcutting skill, drop rate will stay unknown, the more experience you have in the skill gives you a better droprate. Heron Pet: Grants 10% extra experience in Fishing. Obtainable via doing the Fishing skill, drop rate will stay unknown, the more experience you have in the skill gives you a better droprate. Rock Golem Pet: Grants 10% extra experience in Mining. Obtainable via doing the Mining skill, drop rate will stay unknown, the more experience you have in the skill gives you a better droprate. Giant Squirrel Pet: Grants 10% extra experience in Agility. Obtainable via doing the Agility skill, drop rate will stay unknown, the more experience you have in the skill gives you a better droprate. Tangleroot Pet: Grants 10% extra experience in Farming. Obtainable via doing the Farming skill, drop rate will stay unknown, the more experience you have in the skill gives you a better droprate. Rocky Pet: Grants 10% extra experience in Thieving. Obtainable via doing the Thieving skill, drop rate will stay unknown, the more experience you have in the skill gives you a better droprate. Rift Guardian Pet: Grants 10% extra experience in Runecrafting. Obtainable via doing the Runecrafting skill, drop rate will stay unknown, the more experience you have in the skill gives you a better droprate. There are multiple colored guardians, for example when you obtain the pet at the air altar, you will get the Air guardian. You can get a type of guardian up until wrath. Herbi Pet: Grants 10% extra experience in Herblore. Obtainable via doing the Herblore skill, drop rate will stay unknown, the more experience you have in the skill gives you a better droprate. Legendary pets: (legendary pets are the only tradeable pets.) Mimic Jr Pet: Grants auto loot perk to bank for clue scrolls. Sends all your clue scroll drops to your bank automatically. Obtainable as a Medium clue reward+ with a drop rate of 1/1000, or by buying it from other players. Prince Black Dragon Pet: Grants extended anti-fire perk. Gives you the same effect as the extended anti-fire potion. Obtainable by killing the King black dragon with a drop rate of 1/1000, or by buying it from other players. Collector Imp Pet: Grants auto loot perk. Sends all your drops to your inventory automatically. Obtainable from donating or by buying it from other players. Penance Queen Pet: Grants X2 experience for every skill. Doubles all your experience. Obtainable from the voting store or by buying it from other players. Lil' Destruction Pet: Grants 10% strength damage. Adds 10% strength bonus to your total strength bonus. Obtainable by killing the Avatar of Destruction world boss with a drop rate of 1/1500, or by buying it from other players. Little Nightmare Pet: Grants 10% smite damage. Adds 10% smite bonus to your total smite, stack's with the smite prayer and weapon special attack's that have the smite perk. Obtainable by killing the Nightmare of Ashihama with a drop rate of 1/1000, or by buying it from other players. Nieve Jr Pet: Grants +5 slayer points for every task completed. Adds 5 slayer points on every slayer task you complete. Obtainable in the slayer rewards store, or by buying it from other players. Death Pet: Grants a +1 protect item on death Acts like the item protection prayer, gives you +1 extra item kept on death. Obtainable in the blood money store in edgeville, or by buying it from other players. Lil Creation Pet: Grants attack bonus perk +10 attack bonus on claw type weapons. Obtainable by killing the Avatar of Creation world boss with a drop rate of 1/1500, or by buying it from other players. Shaeded Beast Pet: Grants a +1max hit and attack bonus perk +1 max hit and a +10 attack bonus on war hammer type weapons Obtainable in the legendary pet mystery box, or by buying it from other players. Nomad Pet: Grants a magic bonus perk +10 magic bonus on staff type weapons, does not apply to any nightmare staff. Obtainable in the legendary pet mystery box, or by buying it from other players. Ghost Warrior Pet: Grants a strength bonus perk +10 strength bonus on longsword type weapons, does not apply to vesta's longsword Obtainable in the legendary pet mystery box, or by buying it from other players. Skeleton Hound Pet: Grants the prayer bonus experience perk Grants 50% extra experience in prayer. Obtainable in the legendary pet mystery box, or by buying it from other players. Guardian Mummy Pet: Grants the defence bonus perk +10 defence bonus against every combat style. Obtainable in the legendary pet mystery box, or by buying it from other players. Seren Pet: Grants the ranged strength bonus perk +10 ranged strength bonus on crossbow type weapons. Obtainable in the legendary pet mystery box, or by buying it from other players.
  11. Hey welcome! Hopefully you will call this your home soon, we are almost releasing.
  12. [June 10th, 2021] Patch Notes. Bloodline Weaponry and more!! Shops around Gauntlet We have added all shops that exist in the world of Runescape. If you want to know where all shops are, use the osrs wiki for more information. Forums and Hiscores improvement Hiscores for all Ironman modes are now working separate from the Easy, Regular and Hard exp modes. Fixed an error when trying to view / lookup a player on the hiscores. Hiscores skill icons have been changed to the osrs ones. Added the construction icon. Fixed all Hiscores page colors! delete your cookies and browser cache otherwise you will not see any changes. Fixed ultimate ironman and hardcore ironman icons display in hiscores. delete your cookies and browser cache otherwise you will not see any changes. Added the Group ironman icon to the Hiscores. Fixed website meta url text for the forums. Added a Clan Hub sub category in the Community forums section, here you can post recruitment's and discuss clan related things. When you made a thread or react to a thread, you will now see a new made player panel under your avatar. Added Rank bars under your avatar showing your current rank.. Added a Award system that will display under your player info panel, and on your profile page. Awards are obtained by doing several things on the forums, these awards are being given by Administrator +. Highlight of some of the new weapons on Gauntlet We have added the holy and sanguine ornament kit. These are purely cosmetic and can be bought in the donator store. To create the Holy ghrazi rapier, use the holy ornament kit on the regular ghrazi rapier. (BE WARNED, YOU CANNOT REVERT THE CHANGE!) To create the Holy scythe of vitur, use the holy ornament kit on the uncharged scythe of vitur. (BE WARNED, YOU CANNOT REVERT THE CHANGE!) To create the Holy sanguine staff, use the holy ornament kit on the uncharged sanguine staff. (BE WARNED, YOU CANNOT REVERT THE CHANGE!) To create the Sanguine scythe of vitur, use the holy ornament kit on the uncharged scythe of vitur. (BE WARNED, YOU CANNOT REVERT THE CHANGE!) We have added the Bloodline bow and the Bloodline chainmace. To create the Bloodline weapons, you will need a bloodline shard. The bloodline shard is added to the droptable of Vetion, Callisto and Venenatis on a 1/2100 droprate. Craft the bloodline shard with a Craw's bow (u) to create the Bloodline bow. Craft the bloodline shard with a Viggorra's chainmace (u) to create the Bloodline chainmace. The option to craft the weapon will be available in the upgrade system that will be here next update. You don't need to charge any Bloodline weapon since it does not consume charges. In the wilderness, the bloodline weapons have a 75% bonus damage. (25% more then the normal wilderness weapons). They also have some stat boosts, shown here in the pictures below. Npc fixes Reduced the amount of goblins in Lumbridge by 50%. Added droptable for Barrelchest & added to boss teleports. Added droptable for Giant Roc & added to boss teleports. Gertrude is no longer a Null npc. Fixed Walking animation of the correct Gertrude npc. Donation manager in Edge will now open the in game store. Donation manager will now send you to the store on the website when you select that option. The nurse can only refill your spec every minute message has been set to hidden. Null npcs that got reported are removed. Runite goulem is not aggressive anymore inside the wilderness resource area. Dark wizards in Taverley dungeon are turned back into chaos druids. Stonemasons are all replaced with 'Taverly's druids' in Taverley. Banker in potato fields in Lumbridge and east of Draynor replaced with farmers. Added some chaos druid spawns inside edgeville dungeon. Bankers at falador south gate are turned back into guards. Flower picker achievement now says harvested instead of herbs farmed. Removed Soulles from draynor. Grizzly bears will no longer drop Beginners clues 100% of the time. Chicken will no longer drop beginner clues 100% of the time. Cows will no longer drop beginner clues 100% of the time. Black unicorns will no longer drop Ensouled Unicorn heads 100% of the time. Al-Kharid Warriors are now attackable and drop tables work. Al-Kharid Warriors now spawn in there proper place. Callisto, Vet'ion and Venenatis now drop the bloodline shard. Necromancer has received some nerfs with draining defence, prayer, special attack and freeze time. Ghosts in Draynor turned back into dark wizards. Added cow spawns near the Falador farm patch. Removed the banker near the Falador farm patch. Bankers at Port Sarim changed back to Thieves. Bankers added to Shilo Village. Herquin is no longer aggressive. Zygomites in Zanaris are no longer aggressive. Removed Mugger from Falador General Store. Fixed Trader Crew member walk animations. Moved the Zygomite spawn out of the wall. Removed the Cave Horror and Sheep from Dwarven mine. Targetable NPCs in Canifis will now turn into werewolves upon depleting 25% of their HP. Item fixes and additions Added fused Halo. (upgraded halo) Added Cursed Vesta's longsword. (upgraded vls) Added Golden Flippers. Added Bloodline bow. (upgraded craw's bow) Added Bloodline chainmace. (upgraded viggora's chainmace) Added Creation claws. (upgraded dragon claws) Added Creation claw piece. (part u need to upgrade dragon claws) Added Overload heart. (upgraded imbued heart) Added Group ironman armour. You can now wear the Granite longsword. Salve amulet (EI) now provides its bonus. Added the Bloodline shard item. Fixed volatile and corrupt nightmare staff special damage. Added Frosty partyhat. Added Ocean partyhat. Added Golden partyhat. Added Lava partyhat. Added Vampyric faceguard . Tome of fire now works as intended. added special attack bar to Cursed Vesta's Longsword. You can now make all the Divine potions. You can now make Bastion and Battlemage potions. You can now make a Cadantine blood potion (unf). (Once TOB is released) Sanfew serums will now require a super restore(3). (Was 4) Divine potions will now require the correct Crystal dust. (Issue was due to how it grabbed the Secondary id) Blighted food is now works in wilderness. Blighted super restore now works in wilderness. Tea will now heal 3 instead of 18. Vampyre dust displays the correct examine now. You can now make a bowl of hot water. Warhammers now require the strength level to equip instead of the attack level. Misc Fixes Added Barrelchest Boss. Added Giant Roc Boss. Unidentified Minerals have been made slightly more common. Any spell that had "*" has been changed to Cast and the ones that wasn't needed have been removed. Patched the inability to withdraw more than free inventory slots of a noted item. Despawn timer for dynamic regions like instances and custom pvp spots like ::cammypvp, are reduced, was set to 60 minutes, its now 5 minutes. moved bank chest in ::lumbpvp. Added switch delay to Gauntlet. (same switch delay as OSRS) All nightmare staff specs are now correctly working, it now works from a distance. Disabled Translator Plugin. Ironmen will be able to access the Construction Supplies shop. Fixed false flags when attempting to enter a clan, fixing the majority of clan-related bugs. When withdrawing GP from the coffer: if the value is now over 100M, the majority of earnings are paid in platinum coins, and the denominator is cashed out with GP as usual. Can no longer withdraw over-max from the bank. Bank will no longer delete items that exceed 2147M when attempting to withdraw, and give the player a prompt message. Made some changes to home shops. Removed something that once an item in a shop was 0 stock it would show a null item. Can now sell to TzHaar shops for Tokkul. General store at home will now show Starter instead of Trade for the Starter shop, General store will be under the option General when you right click it. Removed Kodai wand and Dragonhunter lance from super mystery boxes. Removed Elite void from the donator shop. Tunnel in Brimhaven dungeon to go to iron and bronze dragons is now working. Fixed the Gnome stronghold bank stairs. Changed the volcano event timer from 45 minutes to 1 hour to reduce the amount of world events that start at the same time. Added new wilderness teleports. (Wilderness Bosses/Demi Bosses/Agility Course) Fixed typo in Lizardman Shamans teleport. Capitalised the Trade option for Farming supplies shop. Can now access the Starter shop in General Supplies. Changed the announcement timer from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Can no longer sell an item in the trading post for 0 coins. Can no longer put 0 amount of an item up in the trading post. Fixed Pest Control minigame, reduced the amount of spinners, and removed the 1hp monsters. Crystal tree event will now give Crystal shards. You can now crush Crystal shards into Crystal dust. 1 in 3 chance on completing the Prifddinas agility course to get Crystal Shards. Removed the message sent to players when receiving PVM Points. Fixed Typo in Beginner clue anagram Disorder. Message that pops up after completing so many Beginner clues will say Beginner instead of Easy now. Improved Herblore potion mixing when the secondary amount is dependant on the Potion dose. Bank command will no longer work if in combat, If you open it before going into combat, it will close automatically. Bank command can now be used by Diamond donators+. Fixed beginner anagram clue Rug Deter. Runelite GPU Plugin has been temporarily disabled. Changed Slayer back to its original code.(Need to redo some stuff) This just means boss slayer and all that should work properly now without getting Null tasks. Can now use teleport commands as long as you are at 20 wilderness and below. Fixed the two trees at home stacked on top of each other. Dragon warhammer removed from blood moneymelee store.
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