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  1. Nice guide! thanks for posting
  2. Thanks bro, looks good. I do have a list off all majority quest items to be added alr, just need to get around to it. aswell as being able to use sickles etc for fungus : ) The rest we deffo can look into improving, as ironman is my favourite game mode. I also want the best experience possible : ) Thanks for the time and effort put into this
  3. Awesome guide, will be very useful for people just starting!
  4. Dark Reality

    Hunter Guide

    Nice guide, however we do not currently have bird houses or falconry available in game. We may look at adding these in the future tho.
  5. Nice guide! I like it. Maybe add in game available warm clothing so people know what they can use and what is available and where to get it?
  6. Awesome guide. Keep it up
  7. Nice guide yet again! Btw shops in the middle floor have been added for ironman uses however access to these will come soon
  8. nice guide! thanks for putting the time in
  9. nice guide! very clean to the point! yeah, just use my xp rate guide to multiply it, i find using google sheets so much easier to calc, and then rip info over afterwards!
  10. 25th June 2021 Patch notes Bugs/fixes Cannon is now fixed so that it is reclaimable once destroyed or lost ( if dropped doesn't reclaim) ::bank command now closes down skilling actions. Cant be abused to gather resources fixed bosses drop tables so they are more accurate fixed blood money amount from deadman chests Fixed issue causing cannon to not do damage. animation delay bugs fixed Additions/changes Added so that when people donate it now broadcasts there in game name in the announcements. added some set effects to set items so they are working properly. players are now able to create 2 letter account names. Removed Removed death pet from blood money store Removed phoenix pet from legendary mbox 26th June 2021 Patch notes Bugs/fixes Pickpocketing will now be "spammable" meaning you can spam click the NPC to pickpocket but it will only execute the action when a small delay has passed so you can't just get extremely quick exp Can no longer open resource packs when having no inventory space causing items to dissapear Crystal Tree event has been nerfed so its now gives half of what it did previously You can now drink jug of wines and it also drains 2 attack levels per drink Fixed rouges castle thieving chest, will now require 84 thieving Fixed Konar Dagannoth Waterbirth Island task Fixed some aggressive shop owners Fixed Gem Rocks at Shilo village Fixed yew trees in varrock castle Fixed hiscore logo url redirect Fixed website stage Additions/changes Changed the duplicate lumbridge teleport in city teleports to Lunar Isle teleport Changed the announcements to guide you to home to enter the tournament Added Motherload mine to skilling teleports (was in minigames teleports) Changed rare drop rate on rares for dagannoth supreme Changed rare drop rate on rares for dagannoth prime Changed rare drop rate on rares for dagannoth rex Changed rev drops droprates Changed rare drop rate on rares for Tzhaar mej Changed rare drop rate on rares for Tzhaar Xil Added archers helm to range armour shop at home Added bolt racks to range weapon shop at home Home skilling store has feathers now Salve Amulet EI is obtainable from Horvik now with the Salve Amulet I and coins Added new casket drop to slayer, Whilst on a slayer task you have a chance of getting an ancient casket, Chance of getting one scales with the monsters combat level, This update is to help with reports that GP is pretty difficult to come across, This is just the first step in helping towards that. Some examples of what loot you can get. GP loots are also added Removed Removed tournament teleport command Removed the Skotizo and Avatar boss events temporarily to fix Removed 5 combat levels and higher bounty target protection Removed Wilderness Slayer temporarily to remove conflicting tasks 27th June 2021 Patch notes Bugs/fixes Fixed an exploit with voting When donating for a Mystery box it will add the correct total donated amount to your account Clue scrolls will no longer on completion if you have multiple in your inventory remove all of them Fixed a couple teak tree's that were not working. Fixed a couple normal tree's that were not working. Fixed a couple mahagony tree's that were not working. Fixed a couple yew tree's that were not working. Made amathyst ores/javelin tips/arrow tips and boltips tradeable Fixed spelling in Fremennik city teleport name. Dagannoths are now aggro. Mutated Bloodvelds in Catacombs are no longer aggro. Fixed the examine of blood fragments, it will now tell you that you can use it on the emblem trader at edgeville to turn them into blood money pest control timer has been fixed, will no longer instantly send people into games as soon as the minimum required has been met You can no longer unskull whilst in the wilderness by using the ::skull command Fixed Konar Slayer tower tasks When using the Regen pool at home, If a stat is boosted over its fixed level it will no longer take away the boost Demonic Gorilla Zenyte Shard chance has been changed Additions/changes Added Ava's accumulator to the ironman shop Added antifire potions to the starter store Added RSPS-LIST to our voting system All gwd boss respawn timers changed from 150 to 30 Added cannonballs and coal to rogues chest loot Rings of recoil added to starter shop Can now upgrade into elite void at the Elite Void Knight at pest control for 200 Pest control points per piece 28th June 2021 Patch notes Bugs/fixes Voting limit raised to 5 so new website is claimable Fixed typu in resource pack saying your inventory is full. Fixed fighter torso wear model. Berserker helm shop value has been fixen. Fixed dagannoth Rex attack animation. Fixed Drakes respawning invisible. Fixed Fire giant attack animation. Spelling error when finding lumber jack pieces fixed Can no longer unskull whilst in combat, Added a delay so once out of combat you will need to wait a small amount of time before you can unskull with the ::skull command Astral, Blood and Soul altars all work Fixed entrance for DKS Additions/changes Added Fighter torso (e) in the upgrade table (slight increase on stats compared to the normal fighter torso) Added Abyssal blood whip in the upgrade table (slight increase on stats compared to the normal whip) Added Dragon scimitar (e) in the upgrade table (slight increase on stats compared to the normal dragon scimitar) Added rope to the general store Can now craft wrath runes, Command is ::wrath to access the altar Created and added cannonball packs to pvm store Added resource packs to pvm store Added ancient casket to pvm store Added cannonballs to gargoyle droptable Added Draco set in the upgrade table (Draco set gives 8% more damage against dragon types when wearing the full set) Requirements to make each piece individually at a success rate of 35% 1x dragon full helm, platebody and platelegs 100x dragon bones, lava dragon bones and wyvern bones
  11. ill post my in game names on release so no1 steals them first xD
  12. Nice to see an interest in Ironman modes already, I look forward to joining you there once I'm settled in and can spend time on my accounts
  13. Purchasing a Full Cannon set requirement is to obtain it via PVM point shop. This is due to ironmen only being able to obtain legitimate cannons from the PVM store or donating. Blood money store will not count. In order to prove a purchase you will have to show a before and after of your PVM points along with an inventory display of the cannon with the required date and timestamps stated in the rules.
  14. Welcome So to kick start our adventure into Gauntlet together I have put together a simple event that will be progressively completed as the game goes on. The rules are simple: Items obtained via donating do not count, must be legit drops There will only be 3 winners, how to win will be posted below, but in short, first to get a line, second to get a line, and full house. Once you complete a box, proof must be uploaded with a timestamp and date, and your player name showing. This can be done via your built in time and date display on the computer or by using a runelite plug in to enable timestamps in chat boxes. however date will still need to be provided. Multiple people will probably complete a line roughly around the same time if they try hard enough, all I have to say on that matter is! first come first serve. I highly suggest you copy the bingo card and cross off the ones you are doing as you achieve them, and upload screenshots to the designated forums thread asap! Prizes are as will range from 1st line, is small prize, 2nd is medium and full house is Grand prize ( prizes are still being discussed via myself, bowl and Shi and will be uploaded on this thread either before or during the start of release. HAVE FUN as much as this is a competition this has been designed so that peoples progression in any area of the game could potentially reward them with something. Individual efforts only, no teams allowed, this event will most likely be running for at least the first month before someone completes it. How to complete a line, any line going vertically, horizontally, or diagonally can be claimed as a line Full house, is every box completed! Good luck.

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