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  1. Hi Nipa, This is indeed a bug and will be fixed in the next update. You are allowed to kill them in the meantime without fear of repercussion. Thank you very much for your report. EDIT: This bug has since been fixed. Thank you for the report. /moved
  2. Welcome Mitch, look forward to your account progression and seeing how well you get on!
  3. Great stuff lads, and looking forward to more of these threads by you Raimon. Great layout and addition of media.
  4. Ronan

    Gemu's Graphics

    These are class, great stuff mate
  5. Welcome to Gauntlet mate, hope you have a good time here. Long summer holiday ahead!
  6. This looks fantastic, some very clean designs here. Best of luck!
  7. Wonderful addition, I love this!
  8. Fantastic update, a lot here. Welcome to the team Hundreds. Just judging from your recent additions on the Discord, you're already hard at work and it's fantastic to see!
  9. we're currently 0/2 for correct name spelling let's keep this streak going
  10. Hey guys, how's it going. I'm Ronan, I'm 21 and I live in Ireland. Some dumbass decided to introduce me to Runescape in the library 13 years ago, so here I am. Been on-and-off from private servers ever since around 2008/2009. I'm a full-time college student (TV & Radio Broadcasting) and part-time narrator / voiceover artist. Really looking forward to getting on and building an account up, been ages since I've played so I'm definitely looking to relearn all the fun bits. Looking forward to getting to know you lot and passing the time on here!
  11. Ronan


    Ayy Froogoo and Mopar were both elite back then. Looking forward to getting to know you bro, good luck