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  1. The brand new item sinking system! The gauntlet gods have started to accept sacrifices from the mortals of this realm on the brand new sacrificial altar, north east of home! Appeasing the gods will favour the player with brand new "Gauntlet Shards". These can in return be used in the special Gauntlet Shard Shop (Accessible by right clicking the altar), as well as brand new item upgrades inside of the upgrade table! Gauntlet Shard Store This shop includes the following items: - Bones to Dragonfruit tabs. These can be used to convert bones to dragonfruits, which heal 12 hitpoints each (4 more than peaches) - Blood shard. As an alternative way to obtain them next to blood money. - Bound Looting Bag. Works the same way as a regular looting bag, except it cannot be lost upon death. - Skin recolours. Cosmetic overhaul for your character. - Crystal Tool Seed. Used to create the crystal pickaxe and axe. - Granite Clamp. Used to create granite maul (or) > Future updates will include more items to this shop! For a full list of sinkable items check out this topic here: Upgrade Table Expansion The upgrade table has seen a vast increasement in items obtainable inside of the table, as well as a few recipe changes to existing items. Brand new items: - Zamorak Godsword (or) This weapons special attacks freezes the opponent for 30 seconds! (55% special attack cost) - Bandos Godsword (or) > This special attack now only costs 40% to use. - Saradomin Godsword (or) > This special attack now heals double the amount of hitpoints & prayer of a regular SGS. All Ornament godswords have increased stats over the regular godswords as well! - Amulet of torture (or) > Has increased stats over the regular Amulet of Torture. - Necklace of Anguish (or) > Has increased stats over the regular Necklace of Anguish. - Tormented Bracelet (or) > Has increased stats over the regular Tormented Bracelet. - Occult necklace (or) > Has increased stats over the regular Occult Necklace - Combatant heart > Works like an imbued heart, but for melee stats. - Rangers' heart > Works like an imbued heart, but for the ranged stat. - Eternal boots (or) > Has increased stats over the regular Eternal boots. - Pegasian boots (or) > Has increased stats over the regular Pegasian boots. - Dragon defender (t) > Has increased stats over a regular dragon defender, but still below the (future) avernic defender. - Brimstone Ring (i) > A new BIS tribrid ring that gives exceptional stats above all else. - Blessing of the gods (all blessings are now obtainable from medium+ clue caskets!) > An exceptional blessing with extroadinary stats to boast! (Equipped in a player's arrow slot) Changes to the upgrade table: - The overload heart recipe now requires an imbued heart, a combatant heart and a ranger's heart to be attempted. - Lava d'hide armour has been added to the upgrade table. Pieces now require less hides to be created, but require an additional armadyl armour piece to do so. - AGS (or) and cursed VLS have been moved to the "weapons" tab. > Cursed vesta's longswords recipe has been changed to 2x vesta's longswords and 2500 gauntlet shards (originally 5x vls). Crystal Keys & Enhanced Crystal Keys The droptable for both these chests have seen some significant changes. They now give a far wider pool of rewards, including increased amounts of skilling supplies and more. On top of that some brand new items were added to the enhanced crystal keys! > Players can now receive armour seeds from enhanced crystal keys. These can be used at the singing bowl to create crystal armour. > Players can now receive enhanced weapon seeds from enhanced crystal keys! This item can be used to create the Blade of Saeldor & Bow of Faerdhinen! These items, unlike their OSRS counterparts, will NOT use charges to be used! However, shards are still required to create the items! Additionally, both keys can also give dragonstone armour, a cosmetic rare armour with decent stats! Other changes & game fixes > Chambers of xeric fixes Vasa: No longer Teleporting out of bounds. No longer safe spottable. Slowed down the rocks. Altered the damage of attacks, Guardians: Can be damaged now. Can also damage back even through prayer, Skeletal Mystics: Now has a decent amount of agro range to be aggressive inside the raid Added Raid potions to Scavengers: Add potions to drop rate for scavengers making it so you obtain them without farming/brewing. Altered the points for Scavengers: Lowered points on scavengers to compensate for giving pots inside the raid Muttadile + Large Muttadile: Lowered the damage of both massively Tight Rope: Corrected points being given Tekton: Stopped him from returning to the anvil every second & it will agro for more of a fight. Olm: Made olm more aggressive, Corrected casting when inside the room, Altered falling rocks so it doesn't last the entire raid, Corrected head moment when targeting a player, Adjusted his flame wall to actually lock you inside until you douse a fire to escape Other fixes/changes: - Fixed being able to special whilst auto casting - Corrected the spell casting for weapons that where supposed to auto cast - Fixed issues with NPC's not dying whilst on a Slayer task - found there was 1 to many calls for NPC's death which was causing all the issues with the Slayer monster that also transformed - Master wand > Added the master wand to the correct spell books for Normal and Ancient auto casting - Hiscores > Made hiscores work inside the rune client, needs fine tuning due to right click lookup, but works for every single player in the game, as long as they have logged in and logged out to obtain there stats on the hiscore plugin. - Pest control > Fixed npc's not despawning upon complete or fail or Pest Control - Buy and sell amounts in shops changed > Changed the buy and sell inside the shops from 1,5,10,50 to 1,10,50,500 for sell and 1,10,50,5000 for buying - Blessings added to Clues - Spiked Manacles added to medium clues - Climbing boots (g) added to medium clues - Added Tortured Gorillas to Demon NPC definition - Fixed Draco set noting bug - Lizardman shamans regular attacks work again - Vorkath is now in the NPC Dragon definition - Amulet of the damned has been added to barrows loot table - Extended the delay after combat to be able to use the bank command - Added all the items for Grand rune pouch and Bound looting bag - Revenants Imp, Goblin and Hobgoblin added to undead npc definition - Added prayer bonus to dragon hide - Added stats to master wand - Changed respawn timers on wilderness bosses to 15 ticks - Moved grace slightly - Added NPC for appreciation point store and Corrupted shard store > Located at home infront of the Altar building - Added Brassica, Armadyl, Guthix, Seren and Bandos halo to Hard and Elite clue scroll tables - Vote lottery will send the rewards to your bank now - Blowpipe will now work as intended with Avas devices - Dragonfire shields are now able to be uncharged - Lava dragonhide is no longer craftable and is now in the upgrade manager > This was a decision made for balancing purposes. - 3rd age druidic is now equipable - Added the Golden godsword special attacks > The ability to obtain these has been added to the donator store for 25 tickets - Pearl fishing rods are now equippable and work as their correct fishing rod type - Added herring and Sardine fishing to Net / Bait fishing spots - Fixed the singing Bowl entirely - Crystal armour is now equipable - Crystal harpoon is now equipable - Crystal halberd is now equipable - Added range strength bonus to all Amethyst ammo - Exodia the forbidden one is now Nechryarch - Corrupted Javelin is now 1 tick faster in attack speed on both rapid and regular - Nerfed the defencive stats of the Smoke Devil boss - Vampyric faceguard will now hide your beard when equipped - Changed it so hiscores will only update if your total level is above 200 - Crystal tree & Shooting star Mine/Chop actions on the different tiers have been fixed - Added mogre spawns at Mudskipper point
  2. Here is a full list of all items in the new sink system for Gauntlet shards. You can sacrifice items south east of the home area, on the sacrificial altar. Sinking items will give the player "Gauntlet Shards" that can be used for new item upgrades and the special Gauntlet Shard shop (accessible by right clicking the altar!). Note that many more items will be added to this list in future updates! If an item has no shard value behind its name, then it has the shard value written at the top. > 3M bracket - 30 shards per item - Amulet of fury - Berserker necklace - Regen bracelet - Warrior ring - Seers ring - Dragon axe > 5M bracket - 50 shards per item - Abyssal whip - dragon boots - Archer ring - Berserker ring - All 6 barrow sets - Abyssal tentacle - Dragonfire shield - Saradomin sword - Pegasian crystal - Dragon pickaxe - Ring of the gods - Treasenous ring - tyrannical ring - Odium ward - Malediction ward > 10M bracket - 100 shards per item - Kraken tentacle - Zamorak godsword - Eternal crystal - Zuriels hood - Morrigans coif - Statius full helmet - Brimstone ring - Heavy ballista > 15-20m bracket - 150 shards per item - Magic fang - serpentine visage or helmet - 175 shards - staff of the dead - armadyl helm - bandos boots - Zamorakian spear/hasta - 175 shards - Ranger boots - Dragon crossbow - Zuriels robe top - Zuriels robe bottom - Morrigans body - Morrigans chaps - Twisted buckler - 175 shards - Dinh's bulwark - 175 shards - Justiciar faceguard - 175 shards > 30M bracket - 300 shards per item - Bandos chestplate - Saradomin godsword - Zuriels staff - Statius platebody - Statius platelegs - necklace of anguish - Amulet of torture - Tormented bracelet - Ring of suffering - Ferocious gloves - Arcane prayer scroll - Ancestral hat - Justiciar chestguard - Justiciar platelegs > 40-45m bracket - 400 shards per item - Bandos tassets - Primordial crystal - Bandos godsword - Armadyl chainskirt - Armadyl chestplate - 450 shards - Vesta's longsword - 450 shards - Avernic defender > 50-60m bracket - 500 shards per item - Armadyl godsword - Vestas spear - Dexterous prayer scroll - 600 shards - Elder maul - Kodai insignia - 600 shards - Nightmare staff - 550 shards - Inquisitor faceguard - 550 shards > 75m+ bracket - Statius warhammer - 2000 shards - Dragon hunter lance - 1250 shards - Dragon hunter crossbow - 800 shards - Ancestral robe top - 800 shards - Ancestral robe bottom - 750 shards - Eldritch orb - 750 shards - Inquisitor hauberk - 900 shards - Inquisitor plateskirt - 850 shards - Neitiznot Faceguard - 750 shards - Dragon claws - 750 shards > 3rd age items - Should be rare to obtain. especially elite/master rewards. Vambraces - 300 shards Range top - 600 shards Range chaps - 450 shards range coif - 350 shards amulet - 400 shards mage hat - 350 shards robe top - 750 shards robe bottom - 600 shards full helm - 450 shards kiteshield - 600 shards platebody - 850 shards platelegs - 750 shards plateskirt - 750 shards 3rd age sword - 2000 shards 3rd age wand - 2000 shards 3rd age bow - 2000 shards 3rd age cloak - 2500 shards 3rd age pickaxe - 5000 shards 3rd age axe - 5000 shards 3rd age druidic pieces - 7500 shards
  3. This update post will include all additions and fixed over the last couple of days. New additions: Basilisk Knights Basilisk knights are now available on Gauntlet! They can be accessed through the teleport interface -> dungeon teleports -> Jormungands prison. Of course they drop the notorious Basilisk Jaw to upgrade your neitiznot helm into a Neitiznot Faceguard as well! The dungeon also contains dagganoths and regular basilisks. If a player has the basilisk perk unlocked from the slayer reward shop, slayer masters will be able to give you basilisks as a regular and brimstone task as well. - Players can now craft wrath runes. Access this altar with the ::wrath command. PVM store changes - Added "Cannonball Packs" to the PvM store. These give 15 cannonballs per pack at 1 PvM point each. - Added resource packs to the PvM store. - Added ancient caskets to the PvM store. New herblore secondary drops - Moss giants now drop limpwurt roots and yew roots. - Frogs now drop toad legs. - Chaos druids now drop wines of zamorak. - The giant roc now drops poison ivy berries, swamp tar and weapon poison+ unf. - Blue dragons now drop mort myre fungus and vials of water. - Goblins now drop snape grass. - Mountain trolls now drop jangler berries. - Experiments now drop magic roots and goat horn dust. - Bloodvelds now drop cactus spines and potato cactus. - Betty's shop in Port Sarim now sells unicorn horn dust, chocolate dust and white berries. The Dragon Platebody - Oziach can now craft you a dragon platebody. This requires 1 million coins, a dragon chainbody, a dragon lump and dragon shard. He also sells the dragon shard to players for 2,5M coins. Other small additions: - Added monk robes, proselyte and initiate armour to the ironman shop. - Added Ak-Haranu's exotic shop in port phasamatys. - Added a warning message to the boss teleport in donator zone. - Magic guild is now accessible. - Black mask (i) will now give proper bonuses against your slayer task monsters. - Added more brine rat spawns in the brine rat cave. - All pvp armours and sets are now tradeable. - Noted wyvern bones are now tradeable. - Dragonfire shield now has a placeholder. - Lowered crazy archeologist's defence significantly. - You now have a 1 in 5 chance to receive a Vote lottery ticket on voting which you can use on the Vote Manager to enter the lottery - Wilderness slayer master has been reactivated and fixed, as well as a variety of tasks that were previously disabled. - When a player obtains a level 99, it'll now announce what gamemode they are on. - Ancient shards formula inside the catacombs of kourend has been adjusted. They should now be dropped more frequently. - Droptables for elvarg, zamorak gwd minions, brutal lava dragon and corrupted nechryarc have been changed. The event bosses now have a far more rewarding droptable! - Changed the upgrade for bloodline weaponry to 3x weapons and a bloodlineshard for a 35% upgrade chance. - Revenant emblem drops have been made more rare as well as the value of the ancient relic having been increased. - Home fountain now resets imbue heart timers - Added cannonballs to gargoyles droptable. - New donator perk that reduces slayer points cost on task skips. More info in the donator benefits post. The chambers of xeric's have been temporarily disabled until all issues related to the minigame are completely fixed! Patch notes and game fixes: - Voting limit raised to 5, making the new website claimable. - Astral, blood and soul runecrafting altars now all work as intended. - Entrance for the Dagganoth kings lair has been fixed. - Gargoyles animations now work properly as well as smashing them at low hitpoints. - Dust devil's, demonic gorillas and abyssal sire's had readjusted droprates for their droptable. - Guthans set effect now has a 1/6 chance heal instead of the previous 1/4. - Normal slayer masters no longer assign wilderness tasks. - Readjusted the tier of tasks from slayer masters, making the tasks more accurate in difficulty to their tier. - Barrows now give increased runes and coin drops. - Reduced damage from Sergeant grimspike and steelwill (the bandos minions). - Skeletal Hellhound spawns from Vet'ion are now delayed. - Reduced the droprate for dragon metal lump. - Certain brimstone slayer tasks previously undoable have now been fixed. - Slayer master level requirements to be used now match the level they say in conversation. - Blood money shop prices have been adjusted. - Cow calfs are no longer aggresive. - Fixed placeholders for Dragon scimitar (e) and Ring of the Undead. - All halos are now wearable. - Fixed issue with players getting stuck after using the upgrade table. - Fixes towards the item protection system. It should now be more accurate! - Fixed an issue with General Graardor's minions not attacking the player. - Barrows brothers slayer task has been fixed. - Scorpias offspring are now attackable. - Lowered the drop chance for brimstone and ancient caskets. - Removed ogre enclave konar task location. - Amalyse packs give the correct item now. - Ancient Wyverns are no longer a slayer task. - Pickpocketing has been fixed. - LMS lobby size increased to a minimum of 4 players to start a game. - Corrupted nechryarch no longer drops a nulled item. - Added more bloodveld spawns to GWD. - Dragon full helm price in the blood money store has been changed from 2K to 7.5K. - Catherby and fishing guild shark spots have been fixed.
  4. The Brutal Lava Dragon The brutal lava dragon is one of the few event bosses on Gauntlet. It is a special variant Lava Dragon that spawns inside of the wilderness, requiring a team of players to hunt it down before it retreats! Everyone who participates in the slaying of this evil dragon will get a roll on his droptable, making it a very worthwhile boss to kill. Spawns The brutal lava dragon has a few places where it can spawn and it'll remain in that area. If not killed fast enough it'll despawn and a message of it retreating will be broadcast. For now there is 1 place where the boss spawns, north of the lava dragon isle. The easiest way to get to this place is by using the demonic ruins teleport and running west. Keep in mind that in the future more spawn places may be added. If/when that happens this post will be updated. The Fight The Brutal Lava dragon has a few different attacks. - Fire breath. The dragon will shoot a dragonfire projectile that looks like a fire surge animation. If not protected against dragonfire, this can deal a lot of damage. Make sure you use an anti dragonshield or dragonfire shield with a super antifire potion to reduce this damage. - Grapple attack. Sometimes the brutal lava dragon will drag a player towards itself or push it away, stunning the player temporarily. This deals some additional damage as well. Protection from magic is the recommended prayer to reduce damage here. Gear The recommended way of killing this boss is with ranged. Since the boss resides inside of the wilderness and getting pked is possible, bringing a low amount of risk is recommended as well. Here is an example of a good low risk setup. Of course the DFS can be replaced with an anti dragon shield and the ROS with literally any other ring, even a recoil. The best weaponry to use here is either a crossbow with ruby bolts (e), hitting up to 100's on the dragon, or to use a Craw's bow/bloodline bow. The bloodline bow is of course the best in slot weapon when inside the wilderness. The Drops Here is a full list of the brutal lava dragons drop table: Common loot: - runite bars noted (100-250) - Blood runes (500-1500) - Death runes (1000-2000) - Lava dragon scales noted (10-50) - Lava dragon bones (25-75) - Lava d'hide (1) - Clue key - blood money (100-500) Uncommon loot: - Dragon darts (50-250) - Dragon arrows (100-300) - Dragon platelegs noted (5-10) - Dragon plateskirts noted (5-10) - Dragon chainbody (1-1) - Black chinchompas (100-250) - Anglerfish (50-250) - Lava d'hide (2-4) Rare loot: - Corrupted leaf - Lava d'hide (4-7) - Dragon crossbow - Bloodline shard - Dragon lump (1-1) - Dragon full helm Lava dragon hides can be used to craft Lava d'hide armour, the best in slot ranged gear in the game. Each piece requires 8 lava d'hides and 99 crafting to create.

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