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  1. Username: Kipfer Time Zone: EST United States Any past staff experiences? We would like to hear about what previous rank you had if any, along with the responsibilities included with said ranks: I have previously been a Pmod on a few smaller servers ran by the same team, in which I helped and welcomed new players while they figured out the server. Also was taught to deescalate situations before they get out of hand because who wants to log onto a new server and see abunch of bull over yell. Why should we choose you over other applicants? This is a character assessment made by yourself on your strengths and values and why we would consider you over another candidate. (Do NOT attack, flame, or name out any other candidate that has applied otherwise your application will be INSTANTLY DENIED) : I believe my ability to help spread the knowledge I've obtained over the last 15 years of Runescape/Private Servers will put an edge up. I also believe im mature enough and level headed enough to make a call/decision if one needs to be made. Do you feel confident about your in-game knowledge? Tell us how you have experienced the game so far, and how you think you will be able to use what you have learned to assist others: I joined Gauntlet back when it started its previous server, playing all the way up to the end. So the quirks this server has that other dont Ive already learned. I also have maxed a main and my iron on regular osrs so when it comes to base knowledge of Runescape I know it from all perspectives. Good day lads.