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  1. Hey there. A little information about Limited Mystery Box. They are a limited on sale boxes that we kick in randomly, and take off once x is sold, to make sure they will be able to sell for alot ingame. These boxes are rare cause they will obtain a loot, you usually can't get from Boxes. The Loot will never been shown a picture, cause it's a secret incase you wan't to sell it. They cost 70$ You buy 2x10$ Scrolls, + 1x50$ Trade Benneh, or Bowl it. And instead you get a Limited Box. The idea on selling these are mainly for people who want to support the server, but at the same time be able to get something insanely rare. It's kinda LOTTO. [Keep in mind, the Donator Rank dosen't upgrade.] -Benneh.
  2. Hey guys! Do you want a Free Super Mystery Box? Well all you have to do is this. https://ibb.co/x69Y8p7 Requirements: Make it your status for a week. Do it now, upload a picture, and then again after a week. Once that is done, You have earned yourself a Super Mystery Box.
  3. Hey there! We are now offering people to purchase, Cosmetics. A single piece will be 150$. and a full set will be 350$. List of our 150$ Cosmetics.(SINGLES) PM Benneh or Bowl. When buying a cosmetic you buy scrolls worth the single or set, and trade us the scrolls(Don't use them) And pick a Cosmetic instead. *List will be added on, Any suggestions can be pm-ed.* - Scythe [https://ibb.co/QmPwJCv] - Sled [https://ibb.co/6mQHNxz} -Fox [https://ibb.co/W28VZm7] -Crate with Zanik [https://ibb.co/T1W9bCG] -Bunny Ears [https://ibb.co/8xqGWgp] -Fixed Device [https://ibb.co/KjjVqhP] -Grim Reaper Hood [https://ibb.co/x8Ptpc7] -Basket of Eggs [https://ibb.co/qFMm3Fq] -All of our 4 scarfs [https://ibb.co/K72hDys https://ibb.co/D76wJGN https://ibb.co/p2wP18Q https://ibb.co/ZWJ5Dd2] -Katana [https://ibb.co/DRQwfxt] - List of our 350$ Cosmetics(SETS). - Anti Santa Set [https://ibb.co/1dK22M8] -Skeleton Set [https://ibb.co/K6VvPNT] -Evil Chicken Set [https://ibb.co/NpTdPwv] -Mime Set [https://ibb.co/VmnH556]
  4. Once done, Contact me on Discord!