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  1. I support you for server-support. Helpful individual.
  2. User no longer wants to be server-support. Post has been closed.
  3. Hello and welcome to the first set of weekend events. There will be a minimum of two events hosted each day with prizes ranging from mystery boxes to bonds and even some other goodies, so stay tuned Hide n Seek - Must find the event host Gambling Tournament - Flower poker Trivia - GauntletPs/RuneScape questions will be asked, correct answer wins. 2x Pest control points 2x Slayer points Raids event Throughout all Sunday, we are going to host PVM events. Such as first to get x drops, x pet etc etc. If we manage to hit over 100 Players this Weekend, a 500$ Dropparty will be hosted by Me(Benneh) Let's keep the fun up lads!
  4. Hello, I just thought I should introduce myself as i've been around the RSPS for quite a long time and might see familiar faces upon release. My name is Waleed but my nickname is Waldo & my in-game username is Resistt. I've been part of the RSPS scene for over 6 years now & if you know me, you know that I am a pker and will never back down from a 1v1. Pking has always been part of me it's my favorite thing to do, but overtime I began to like PvMing and bossing with friends. I'm currently 21 years old, unemployed (decided to focus on day trading through crypto and the actual stock market) so you will see me around a lot and I'm probably the most outgoing person you'll ever meet. If you ever wana have a chat and talk about anything give me a shout, i'm always open to talking to new people. Also if you ever need help investing or have any questions feel free to holla. Waldo
  5. 5 more days!!! Can't wait <3