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  1. Username: (Most active account) Pervy Sage Time played: (Provide a screenshot) 2 days 1 hour Time Zone: (Example: GMT +1 Netherlands) Eastern Time zone Any past staff experiences? We would like to hear about what previous rank you had if any, along with the responsibilities included with said ranks: I’ve played all the rsps have a good knowledge of how to conduct stuff and take care of business Why should we choose you over other applicants? This is a character assessment made by yourself on your strengths and values and why we would consider you over another candidate. (Do NOT attack, flame, or name out any other candidate that has applied otherwise your application will be INSTANTLY DENIED) : Strengths : can get people together positive vibes help out where I can as I’m still learning I’m the pervy Sage Do you feel confident about your in-game knowledge? Tell us how you have experienced the game so far, and how you think you will be able to use what you have learned to assist others: im confident #MOB