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  1. ye scratch that im dont want staff .
  2. *If your application does not follow the format it will be DENIED* (All applications upon being sent enter a "PENDING" Status, it will remain PENDING until ACCEPTED or DENIED. Applications will be looked at when we are accepting positions) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Username: (Most active account) Eyes Time played: (Provide a screenshot) Time Zone: (Example: GMT +1 Netherlands) Eastern Time zone Any past staff experiences? We would like to hear about what previous rank you had if any, along with the responsibilities included with said ranks: I have been Moderator, Admin, Owner (my own( of couple servers in the past. As for responsibilities I made sure people were happy amongst each other by breaking arguments apart and making sure they kept things civil. I also helped the Owner out with bug fixes and issues that the server had/has as I do on Gauntlet I don't mind relaying the information to Verzik or Hunter. Why should we choose you over other applicants? This is a character assessment made by yourself on your strengths and values and why we would consider you over another candidate. (Do NOT attack, flame, or name out any other candidate that has applied otherwise your application will be INSTANTLY DENIED) : I don't think you should choose me over any other applicant everyone deserves a fair chance but what I do bring to the table is over 15 years of RS knowledge and over 10 years of playing RSPS knowledge I'm a fast learner and catch on to things quick. Do you feel confident about your in-game knowledge? Tell us how you have experienced the game so far, and how you think you will be able to use what you have learned to assist others: I do feel confident with my game knowledge and this server as you know If i have a goal I will achieve it I have won several prizes since release because of that and aim to get more if more were to be announced. I have a strong liking to the server I've given Verzik my inputs ALOT throughout the past few weeks on what I think should be tweaked/added to the game. As for how I think I can assist others is by helping them out as I am always on several alts so I can easily be on a support acc in help CC. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.