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  1. Hello, and welcome to my Guide. This guide is to help players understand how the experience multiplier for the 3 different game modes work before and after reaching level 99 What this means is that the skill rate for easy, medium and hard is set differently. but also changes again after reaching 99 in a skill. I am going to explain this with an example: Thieving from a gem stall on OSRS gives you 160xp in thieving for every time you successfully manage to steal from the stall. How this is calculated on Gauntlet is that the base OSRS value of 160 is multiplied by the skillRate: shown above: For easy mode, this would be 160xp x skillRate: 50, which equals to 8,000xp After reaching 99 thieving this value changes to skillRate: 20 For easy mode, this would make it 160xp x skillRate: 20, which equals to 3,200xp Below I have made a table, showing what the different rates would be for all 3 modes as an example again I am using the gem stall for the base xp. XP Mode Gem stall OSRS SkillRate Before 99 SkillRate after 99 Easy 160xp 50 8,000xp 20 3200xp Medium 160xp 25 4,000xp 10 1600xp Hard 160xp 5 800xp 5 800xp The formula which is easiest would be to find the base OSRS value (160) multiplied by the SkillRate depending on your mode and level xp = Base * SkillRate You can find all the base experience rates from: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki Or by clicking the WIKI icon next to the world map and clicking on a stall, or a vein of ore for mining etc