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Gauntlet Rules

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If you see someone breaking these rules please do report them to any of our staff members.

1. Advertising

We will not tolerate advertising of ANY kind unless you are promoting Gauntlet through social media and linking to that; This rule is not just limited to the Discord server, Private messaging our players or advertising ingame in any form will not be tolerated.
Breaking this rule will lead to an instant ban.

2. Real world trading (RWT)

RWT is not tolerated under any circumstance.

You cannot exchange Gauntlet currencies or Items for any other form of currency outside of Gauntlet.

You cannot buy or sell a Gauntlet account for any form of currency, ingame or otherwise.
Breaking this rule will lead to an instant ban.
Please do not attempt to joke about RWT either, This can result in a punishment

3. Services

Services are not against our rules but all services paid for are only allowed to be paid for with Gauntlet ingame currencies or items.

Pay for or do services at your own risk, Please see Rule 6 (Scamming).

4. Harassment

Harassment will not be tolerated (Bullying/Abuse/Flaming), If you cannot adhere to this rule you will be dealt with according to the staff member dealing with the situation.

5. Bug Abuse

Duping, Glitching, Hacking, Smuggling, There are many forms of bug abuse, If you come across a bug please report it to #bug-reports (If its game breaking, Please message the owners privately to report it), We will fix it.
If you are caught bug abusing you will be banned.

6. Scamming

Scamming is not tolerated, This could lead to your account being banned.
We will not refund items if you have been scammed.
Lend items at your own risk.

7. Macroing/Botting

Using 3rd party software to play the game for you in any form is not tolerated.
Breaking this rule will lead to having your account banned permanently.

8. Multi-Logging
Caught abusing Starter items by making multiple accounts and trading to get a head start you will have your items instantly removed and or possibly banned.
Multi-logging Is allowed but we do have some limitations, Anything listed below is somewhere you cannot use multiple accounts at.

All minigames
All Bosses
Pursuit Events
Wildy Events
Global Events

9. Staff decisions

a staff members decision is Final, If you receive a punishment do not attempt to argue/harass with them or any staff member to change their decision.

Note that if you do not agree with a punishment and you feel you have been wrongly punished, You can attempt to appeal your punishment.

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