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Simple Woodcutting Guide

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Duphex    4

Introducing you to the Woodcutting Skill



Woodcutting is one of the five resource gathering skills. Training Woodcutting involves chopping down sundry types of vegetation, mostly sundry trees. In doing so, you will receive a component of the vegetation (in most cases), which can customarily be utilized in some other adeptness or activity. 

Woodcutting is subsidiary for training other skills, such as Fletching, Firemaking, and Construction. It is also useful for incipiently joined players to make money early in the game.


Hatchest / Axes



4vCX0bE.png Iron Hatchet

Woodcutting Level Required: 1     Wielding Level Required (Attack): 1 

Price In Store: 112 coins.


hMspc6e.png Steel Hatchet

Woodcutting Level Required: 6     Wielding Level Required (Attack): 5

Price In Store: * coins.


KGryipx.png Mithril Hatchet

Woodcutting Level Required: 21     Wielding Level Required (Attack): 20

Price In Store: * coins.


tEgcJdP.png Adamant Hatchet

Woodcutting Level Required: 31     Wielding Level Required (Attack): 30

Price In Store: * coins.


RZReV9c.png Rune Hatchet

Woodcutting Level Required: 41     Wielding Level Required (Attack): 40

Price In Store: 25,600 coins.


Tz312sl.png Dragon Hatchet

Woodcutting Level Required: 61     Wielding Level Required (Attack): 60

Additional Information: Obtained from other players and Dagannoth Kings.


oGH2Fpw.png Infernal Hatchet

Woodcutting Level Required: 61     Wielding Level Required (Attack): 60

Additional Information: The infernal hatchet is created by using a smouldering stone on a dragon hatchet. Chopping trees with the infernal hatchet will grant a 1/3 chance the logs will be burnt as they are chopped This will give 50% of the Firemaking experience that would usually be gained by using a tinderbox to burn the logs. Redwood logs can be burnt this way even without having the required Firemaking level to light them.

* Need level 61 in Woodcutting and level 85 in Firemaking to create.






Woodcutting Level Required: 1

Easy mode -> 1,250 xp

Regular mode -> 625 xp

Hard mode -> 125 xp


g31o1OI.pngOak Tree

Woodcutting Level Required: 15

Easy mode -> 1,875 xp

Regular mode -> 937.5 xp

Hard mode -> 187.5 xp


FGNxf2A.pngWillow Tree

Woodcutting Level Required: 30

Easy mode -> 3,375 xp

Regular mode -> 1,687.5 xp

Hard mode -> 337.5 xp


OLBCaAB.png Teak Tree

Woodcutting Level Required: 35

Easy mode -> 4,250 xp

Regular mode -> 2,125 xp

Hard mode -> 425 xp


VWorxSd.png Maple Tree

Woodcutting Level Required: 45

Easy mode -> 5,000 xp

Regular mode -> 2,500 xp

Hard mode -> 500 xp


jBYe5Jq.pngNvNyn9N.png Mahogany Tree

Woodcutting Level Required: 50

Easy mode -> 6,250 xp

Regular mode -> 2,275 xp

Hard mode -> 625 xp


jBYe5Jq.png Yew Tree

Woodcutting Level Required: 60

Easy mode -> 8,750 xp

Regular mode -> 4,375 xp

Hard mode -> 875 xp


fMzbAOS.png Magic Tree

Woodcutting Level Required: 75

Easy mode -> 12,500 xp

Regular mode -> 6,250 xp

Hard mode -> 1,250 xp


27BdjsZ.png Redwood Tree

Woodcutting Level Required: 90

Easy mode -> 19,000 xp

Regular mode -> 9,500 xp

Hard mode -> 1,900 xp



Tree Locations



BryUhCY.pngTree - South of Seers' Village bank , East of Edgeville , Woodcutting Guild

g31o1OI.pngOak Tree - South of Seers' Village bank , Woodcutting Guild

FGNxf2A.pngWillow Tree - North-West of Seers' Village bank , South of the Draynor Village bank , Woodcutting Guild

OLBCaAB.png Teak Tree / jBYe5Jq.pngNvNyn9N.png Mahogany Tree -  Far East of Miscellania

VWorxSd.png Maple Tree - Directly North of Seers' Village bank , Woodcutting Guild

jBYe5Jq.png Yew Tree - Just South of Seers' Flax Field , South of the Edgeville bank, by the entrance of the Edgeville Dungeon , Woodcutting Guild

fMzbAOS.png Magic Tree - South of the yew trees in Seers' Village , Woodcutting Guild.

27BdjsZ.png Redwood Tree - Woodcutting Guild


H4ZDyjV.png g5uCffX.png


Woodcutting Mastery Cape


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Dark Reality    16

nice guide! thanks for putting the time in 🙂


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Beer    16

Lovely work thank you very much 🙂

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Duphex    4

Updated the xp Rates !

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