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Hunter Guide

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Duphex    4

Hunter Guide 



Hunter is a skill in which players catch different animals and creatures in Gauntlet RSPS. Although Hunter is a non-combat skill, players can still be damaged while hunting. Using hunting equipment bought from hunter stores, players can hunt specific creatures obtaining rewards such as spotted kebbit fur for spotted cape, chinchompa ammunition, black salamanders, and the fabled dragon implings.


Multiple traps


Hunter Traps
1 1
20 2
40 3
60 4
80 5

Training Hunter within the Wilderness allows players to deploy an extra trap.


Required items (Hunter Shop)


Noose wand to track kebbits for levels 1-15.

Bird snares if opting to catch birds for levels 1-29.

Butterfly net & 5-20+ butterfly jars to net butterflies for levels 15-33.

Axe and knife to deadfall trap kebbits for levels 33-47.

Small fishing net and rope to net trap swamp lizards or salamanders, starting at level 29 or 47 respectively.

Box trap for chinchompas, starting at level 53-99.



Level 1 - 7 : Polar Kebbits

Acquire a noose wand from a hunter shop or another player. Next, head to the Rellekka Hunter area north-east of Rellekka. Several burrows are located on the north-west corner of the northern island. These can be reached by travelling north from the Keldagrim entrance cave, or the Seers' Village.



Level 5-80/99 Bird house trapping



Bird house trapping is a recurring Hunter training method, much like Farming. A bird house run is done by setting up bird house traps on Fossil Island and filling them with suitable seeds, and after few minutes the player dismantles them for Hunter experience and loot.

This method offers the fastest Hunter experience effectively up to level 80. It is viable even up to level 99, as long as obtaining levels fast is not required.

Type Crafting Level Crafting XP Hunter Level    
Bird house (item).png Regular 5
Oak bird house.png Oak 15
Willow bird house.png Willow 25
Teak bird house.png Teak 35
Maple bird house.png Maple 45
Mahogany bird house.png Mahogany 50
Yew bird house.png Yew 60
Magic bird house.png Magic 75
Redwood bird house.png Redwood 90


Levels 7–15: Feldip weasels

Catching feldip weasels offers the fastest experience from level 7 to 15. Feldip weasels are located in the Feldip Hunter area south of Yanille.

Feldip weasels are caught with a noose wand. Wearing a ring of pursuit Ring of pursuit.png(A ring of pursuit is an opal ring enchanted via the Lvl-1 Enchant spell.) is recommended, since there is a 25% chance to reveal the entire track at once when equipped.



Levels 15–29: Ruby harvests + copper longtails Copper longtail icon.png Ruby harvest icon.png

Catching ruby harvests and copper longtails offers the fastest experience from level 15 to 29. They are located in the Piscatoris Hunter area, just south of the fairy ring akq. Players can alternatively get there by using a Piscatoris teleport and running south-west.

Bring two bird snares, a butterfly net, some butterfly jars, and a stamina potion. Set up the bird snares to catch copper longtails, and while waiting for the birds be caught, catch butterflies that are flying around in the area. Using this method, players can gain up extra experience per hour.


Ruby harvests :                                                                                                      Copper Longtails :

200px-Ruby_harvest_location.png?f47c3                                                                                  120px-Copper_longtail_catch.gif?9bad2


Levels 29–43: Swamp lizards  Swamp lizard.png

Catching swamp lizards offers the fastest experience from level 29 to 43. They can be found southeast of Canifis in the Canifis Hunter area, or just north-west of Slepe. Trapping lizards requires a rope and small fishing net for each trap. Two traps can be set at levels 20–39, and three traps can be set beginning at level 40. 


200px-Swamp_lizard_location.png?82225 300px-Swamp_Lizard_Alching.png?3e0d0


Levels 43–60: Falconry

Catching spotted kebbits (and dark kebbits at level 57) using the falconry technique offers the fastest experience from level 43 to 60. They are located in the Piscatoris falconry area east of the fairy ring akq. While this provides higher experience rates than catching lizards, it is also more click-intensive.

Gyr Falcon.png

Enter the Piscatoris falconry area, and rent a gyr falcon for 500 coins. In order to use a falcon to hunt, the weapon, shield, and hands slots need to be EMPTY. Head to the south-eastern area and click on the kebbits to send the falcon towards the kebbit. When the falcon catches the kebbit, retrieve the falcon and the loot, and drop the loot afterwards. Try to minimise the travel distance of the falcon and your own walking distance by standing as close to the kebbits and their spawns as possible.


Levels 60-67 : Red Salamanders Red salamander.png

Catching red salamanders offers the fastest experience from level 60 to 67. Even though they become available at level 59, catching kebbits in the Piscatoris falconry area offers slightly faster experience than catching red salamanders with only 3 traps.


Red salamanders are located just south of the entrance to the Ourania Cave, and can be reachedby teleporting to Castle Wars and running north.


Levels 67–73: Black salamanders Black salamander.png

Catching black salamanders offers the fastest experience from level 67 to 73. They are located in the Boneyard Hunter area in the Wilderness. The fastest way to get there is to teleport to the Chaos Temple with a burning amulet and run north-east, or use a games necklace and teleport to the Corporeal Beast lair. While the black salamanders are located in the Wilderness, the hunting area is not popular among player killers and if attacked, players are able to teleport away.

Bring 5 sets of small nets and ropes at level 64+ Hunter, since trapping in the Wilderness allows players to use 1 additional trap than the usual limit (4 at lvl 60).



Levels 73–99: Black chinchompas Black chinchompa.png: Black chinchompa (Hunter) drops Black chinchompa with rarity Always in quantity 1

141px-Black_chinchompa_north_spawns.png?0d4b9159px-Black_chinchompa_centre_spawns.png?ab3a6144px-Black_chinchompa_south_spawns.png?d3f2a 300px-Tick_manipulation_-_1t_Hunter.gif?8f7fb

Northern Spawn        Center Spawn               Southern Spawn


Hunting black chinchompas offers the fastest Hunter experience in the game from level 73 onwards, and it is also very profitable. However, they reside in level 32-36 Wilderness and the hunting area is a popular player killing hot spot. The fastest way to get to the hunting area is by using teleport command ::chins.




Hunter cape detail.png190px-Hunter_cape_emote.gif?d736a

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Dark Reality    16

Nice guide, however we do not currently have bird houses or falconry available in game. We may look at adding these in the future tho. 


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