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[August 18th, 2021] Nightmare, Raids fixes, Presets, Tournament and ALOT MORE!

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The Nightmare of Ashihama!



Nightmare has finally arrived on Gauntlet! with all your favorite nightmare drops to obtain!

You can solo it, but you can also gather a team and slay it together, everyone will receive loot! ( we added a hidden damage req to get a drop to prevent abusing).

To teleport to Nightmare simply go to the teleport wizard and it will be shown inside the Bosses category.

As in rares, this are the drop rates, be aware this is all with 0% droprate bonus.

All nightmare items will have the same stats as on osrs.
The combat is pretty close to osrs, but we wont make it 100% like osrs!


Nightmare staff.png    Nightmare staff : 1/180

 Inquisitor's great helm.png   Inquisitor great helm : 1/412

Inquisitor's hauberk.png  Inquisitor hauberk : 1/412

  Inquisitor's plateskirt.png    Inquisitor plateskirt : 1/412

Inquisitor's mace.png   Inquisitor mace : 1/412


Eldritch orb.png   Eldritch orb : 1/721

Harmonised orb.png   Harmonised orb : 1/721

Volatile orb.png   Volatile orb : 1/721


Little nightmare.png: The Nightmare drops Little nightmare with rarity 1/800 in quantity 1 Nightmare pet : 1/2000




Raid changes.





As we all know raids was not exactly how we wanted it to be, thats why we took our time to adjust it to the players liking.

Thanks for everyone who helped in the Beta server to make this possible!

Several bug fixes that caused instances to not shut down correctly.
Every npc inside raids have been revisited and rescaled hitpoint and point wise,
 Reward System has now been reworked and the points now actually scale for a reward on the drop table!
NPC'S Hp's have been calculated and scaled accordingly,
Chambers of Xerics is now a 1 in 10 runs of hitting the Unique Drop table ( There is still some RNG to this however )



Preset system.




Finally! Presets are also added into the game! create your loadout and save it to re gear fast to jump straight back into the action!

You can save up to 13 presets, change your spell book, when loading a preset it will bank everything you have on you.

To delete a preset select the preset on the left side and use the icon at the right bottom.

To set your presets use the settings tab at the right bottom to load in your inventory, equipment, or both!

You can also rename your presets there.



To open our preset system simply go to the bank and click the icon at the left top.




Tournament spectate mode and changes.




Tournament now has a spectator mode! simply use the orb outside the tournament entrance to view all the tournament fights.

It will open a panel on the right side of your client where you can select different areas, you can use your arrows keys or middle mouse to change

your camera view!

Also have we reworked the tournament prizes, it will now pick a random prize after someone has won a tournament.

The random prize table: 10$ bond, 5k blood money, super mystery box, pvp armour mystery box.

Tournaments now occur every 2 hours.

Fixed a issue with banking inside tournament.

disabled retribution prayer inside tournament.

Tournaments will also announce in our discord!




Other fixes/changes:


Bone crusher has been added
Removed the 5th tab from the quest tab
Necromancer minions once spawn if they don't perform their attack will despawn
Fixed the issue of items which should drop noted drop unnoted for certain donator ranks
Fixed multiple maps which have caused people to crash when entering the region
Change it so if you have a full inventory when charging at the fountain of rune, if you get the chance at an Eternal Glory, it will drop to the floor
Changed it so when you Enchant dragonstone bracelet and amulet it will give the uncharged version
Corrected the reward information on the wilderness leaderboards
Removed the ability to go up the stairs that would take you above the donator zone
Fixed the issue with fishing causing it to ask you for requirement of Hand fishing even when you had the required harpoon and level to fish that fish
Onyx Jewellery will only sacrifice for 20 Gauntlet shards down from 30
Fixed the issue of getting locked when you would open the Mystery box crate / Promo package
Fixed the protect value of Flippers, Combatant heart, Rangers' heart and fused halo
Colossal Hydra can now be attacked
Nechryarch can now be attacked
Can no longer use the cannon in the mage arena
Can now use a Pearl fishing rod to fish Angler fish
Replaced the invisible farmer with the correct farmer ID
Replaced a portal with the correct farmer ID

Clue scrolls are now 1 step
Added the instant complete clue scroll donator benefit
Sapphire = Beginner
Emerald = Easy
Ruby = Medium
Diamond = Hard
Dragonstone = Elite
Onyx = Master
(In future we will be adding a new master clue tier, which will be unaffected by the donator benefit and also have proper steps)

You can now access Karuulm dungeon again
Added the damage buff to the Leaf bladed battle axe (17.5% accuracy and damage increase)
Corrected the order of the varbits for Basilonger and Basilocked

Fixed an exploit
Corrupted Javelin and Corrupted Staff will now give 5 charges per 1 dust and also when you uncharge will give you 1 dust per 5 charges.
Fixed a typo in a shop title
Corrected the animation IDs for Crystal and Infernal Harpoon
You can now obtain multiple of the same pet
Overload heart chance has been changed from 10% to 15%
Fixed the null Grimgnash NPC at white wolf mountain
Granite longsword now requires 50 attack and 50 strength to wield
Empty bucket packs now work
Buffed coin rewards from Clue scrolls.
Removed pure daily tasks and added some pvm tasks.
Enchanting bolts is now faster.

Wintertodt has been reworked and is now working correctly
Wintertodt doesn't  give boxes anymore it gives point you can use to spend at the new shop (Ignisia)
Wintertodt gives double points & doesn't take longer than 5 minutes to complete a run
Wintertodt has a double points event system,

Farming Guild needs few little bits such as the anima patch needs it's special effects  adding but everything else works

Also after the Sacrifice altar poll, we disabled it, we will come with something else to get shards later this week, thanks for voting! 🙂




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