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nutta for ss

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nutta    0

Username: nutta


Time played: image.png.ac3d80ea5703fb2e70d53d261ac0f3e8.png


Time Zone: gmt +0


Any past staff experiences? We would like to hear about what previous rank you had if any, along with the responsibilities included with said ranks:

sadly no buy would like the chance 

Why should we choose you over other applicants? This is a character assessment made by yourself on your strengths and values and why we would consider you over another candidate.

because i am a nice guy and very helpful when dealing with players  

Do you feel confident about your in-game knowledge? Tell us how you have experienced the game so far, and how you think you will be able to use what you have learned to assist others:

 my game knowledge well im iron so i should know a lot about the game and help others to find what they are looking for and help them progress there account  giving them advise 

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